Looking ahead to 2015…Gosh, I think that’s such a strong idea considering this year in boxing has been largely underwhelming, what with the Super Fight still being MIA, and Floyd fighting the same guy twice, with only one contest being compelling, and Manny Pacquiao going 2-for-2 in two pretty one-sided scraps, and the Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez Super Fight sputtering out because Sergio got kneecapped by Father Time…want me to continue?

Or are we in agreement?

Sure, we got good stuff too; Sergey Kovalev became a capital S star, and so did Gennady Golovkin, though…dangit, I’m veering back into the harsh-appraisal lane, he still hasn’t been able to attract A list foes…

Anyway, the spinmeisters and ultra-optimists could list more good news developments in the year in boxing 2014, but all in all, after a stellar 2013, 2014 was a lost year…so I’ve been looking to the horizon line for bright spots and future silver linings. I’m thinking one cat who will get a shot to be a 2015 bright spot is Felix Verdejo. He “blew up the chicken man in Philly last night,” getting a stoppage win, and I’m expecting him to graduate to big stages, and by the end of 2015, be pressing Miguel Cotto for king of the island status.

And regarding boxing as a whole:

Everything dies baby that’s a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back

It comes back. It’s like a zombie, or or high school galpal who you connect with after your spouses die, or that five pounds you dropped with a stellar cardio regimen…it comes back.

Here’s what ultra-vet Jack Obermayer saw when he saw the future of PR pugilism in action on Saturday night:

Bout #9  RESULT:  Felix Verdejo W-TKO-4 (1:27)   Top Rank’s 21 yr. old Puerto Rican is now 16-0 (12)  and supposedly next in line as the island darling. Could very well be. His fans here were over-joyed, and even though he was very careful early only – never threw more than a one-two, he was just too much of everything for seasoned foe.  One KD in the third.

I checked in with Top Rank exec Carl Moretti, the NJ native who was in Philly (“trouble busin’ in from outta state..”) to assess the 21-year-old. He told me,Nice way to close out 2014-was hoping for more rounds. We’ll shoot for that in first quarter of 2015.”

Here is a quickie release and photo (above) Top Rank sent out:

Dec. 13, 2014, Philadelphia, Pa. — Felix Verdejo stops Karim El Ouazghari in the 4th round at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia,Pa. Saturday night.

—- Photo Credit : Rich Villa – Top Rank