Eddie Gomez Wins UD10 Over Clowning James Winchester

Prospect/near contender Eddie Gomez engaged in choppy junior middleweight affair with James Winchester, a survivor sort, and a boxer/comedian at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the most unaffordable place to live in the US, on Saturday night.

EBoy, out of the Bronx, dropped Winny with a body shot in the first. Things got ugly quick, with clinches and low blows and such. Gomez was sharp and focused and seemed to want the stoppage on a guy who has been stopped out just once prior. But it wasn’t to be, as Winny knows how to stay alive, if not thrive; the judges saw it 100-88 for the Bronxer.

The crowd rained boos down on Winny, when he got Eboy from the Bronx in a headlock and popped him, at the end of the fifth. In the sixth, Eddie ripped left hooks, and unloaded on Winny. The underdog windmilled on Eddie, occasionally, but mostly he ate and tried to slip and cover. In the seventh, Eddie kept on hammering, and finally, the ref took a point from the NC guy, for a hold and hit. It looked like Winchester would play out the string, and props to Eddie, for not getting down and getting lazy. Winchester was clowning in ninth, as he raised his hand and pumped it, and then did a Elvis the Pelvis wiggle. Crowd loved it. Loved it, but then they didn’t dig it when he out his hands on his hips and stared at the Bronxer. In the tenth, Winchester once again ran at Eddie, track style and threw a goofball combo at him. We went to the cards. It was goofy and entertaining runaway win…

Gomez impressed the crew at Golden Boy, matchmakers Eric Gomez and Roberto Diaz told me after, with his stamina. He was busy early and late and his focus on ripping shots the whole way through speaks well to his mindset, and where he wants to get to in this most dangerous game.

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