Instagram Stud Zachary Ochoa Scores UD6 Win at Barclays

Instagram stud Zachary Ochoa rose to 9-0 with a UD6 over Jose Miguel Castro at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night. He scored two knockdowns, finding a home for a filthy overhand right; Castro then tightened up his guard, and made it to the finish line. The three judges saw it 60-52, times three, for Ochoa, who had a whole bunch of rooters liking his work in BK.

“Zungry,” who was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, took part in a junior welter scrap set for six or fewer.

In the first, Z looked to get warm. He semi snapped a jab, assessed Castro, and ate a left hook clean. No worries, he weathered it. An overhand right then dropped Castro, hard, and he popped up quickly. In the second, the overhand right scored again, sending Castro to the mat for the second time. Z mixed it up well, with hooks and body work, especially a right to the body.

In the third, the left eye of Castro looked scuffed up. Z snapped the jab, punching through now. In the fourth, Ochoa wanted to land that home run ball, but Castro was now wise to it. In the fifth, Castro’s jab picked up. He clanged a right on Z’s head, and looked to land a counter left hook. In the sixth, Castro was again unafraid to stay close to Z, but his offense is a bit rudimentary. Z got warned for throwing Castro to the mat at the end of the round. We went to the cards.

Note: A lucky fan won a shirt which Zach wore today after the decision was announced.

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