Abel Sanchez, who can talk a pretty good game in addition to being a well-respected tutor who’s overseen multiple champs, including Terry Norris, and now Triple G, Gennady Golovkin, checked in with TSS when apprised of Bernard Hopkins’ comments at Gleason’s Gym on Wednesday. B-Hop hinted heavily that he wasn’t capitulating to Father Time, and said he’d announce before his Jan. 15th 50th birthday if he would, or would not, continue to play this most dangerous trade. Hopkins said he’d need an XL challenge, and wouldn’t accept being a “check” fighter, one fighting for just moolah, or a steppingstone. So, what sort of challeneg would excite him? Golovkin was a name he mentioned, a couple times.

So I asked Sanchez about that matchup, the 175 pound ace Hopkins who looked a bit faded his last time out, admittedly against a hammerfisted technician, in Sergey Kovalev, up against the 160 pound ace, another hammerfisted technician, Kovalev.

“It would be an interesting fight, especially when the bigger fighter, Hopkins, couldn’t knock out Triple G,” Sanchez told me. “If Hopkins is serious he needs to call (promoter) Tom Loeffler, and not talk on social media. Gennady will hopefully fight in late April or Mayif everything goes as planned (against Martin Murray) on Feb. 21.”

Some might worry the elder hitter might be truly biting off more than his aged molars can chew.

What about it Abel, could Hopkins hack it?

“Hopkins has defied the odds and proved the so called experts wrong,” Sanchez said. “It may have been that 175 was too much for him, and he may think 168 is best suited for him today. Tell him to call Tom!”

Hopkins said at Gleason’s that he wants to be a role model for fighters stepping up, ignoring risk averse manager’s call to sit it out until a gimme match is found for them. He said he’s an OG, who is willing to go out on his shield, in fact. “Well, then Triple G should grant him his wish,” Sanchez said.

I’m curious, folks, how do you view that theoretical scrap. They’d find a catch-weight, maybe 168, and what would occur. Would the move up in weight lessen some of that Triple G pop? Or would he still be too heavy-fisted for the Philly wizard? Talk to me!

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-brownsugar :

Bhops size would pose a huge hurtle for GGG to overcome ... Plus his subtle rythym and sneaky ambush attacks would pose a real threat capable of inducing cuts around GGG's eyes. These type of challenges is what GGG lives for, you will see the true beast emerge from its dormancy by the middle rounds... as if he were channeling the spirit of Marvin Hagler. I think in the end Golovkin endures boxings version of guerilla warfare, by closing the distance and setting up a furious decoy-proof bombardment too hostile for Bhop to endure. But there will be casualties... GGG will pay a high price for the victory.

-StormCentre :

It all depends on what (catch?) weight the fight is at.

-brownsugar :

Good question... Bhop said he could make 160 for Mayweather but I'm sure he wouldn't go that low for GGG.

-StormCentre :

I agree, without a weight or other significant advantage it's too dangerous for Bernard. If there's no weight advantage then, aside from Bernard's ageing defence and reflexes, what is there to offset Gennady's youth and serious power advantage?

-Skibbz :

"The helmet" and Allah. No in reality there's nothing and after having seen the true state of BHop against Kovalev, commissions should do Bernard a favour and decline. Kovalev isn't as technically sound as Golovkin and in my opinion Golovkin won't show bernard the same respect in the ring as Kovalev. I still champion the WBU approach for bernard if he still keep fighting, and a final decider showdown PPV between him and Roy.