How Pacquiao Pays Roach

I’ve always found it a bit ludicrous the way we view talking about money in our nation. Money is a complete fixation for us, yet so often, we dance around the topic. You go on a job interview and the elephant in the room is jumbo sized, and flatulent…yet, the interviewer doesn’t just come out and say hey, this is what the job entails, and this is what we want to pay you. It’s ludicrous…for what other reasons do people work for other than for compensation? Anyway, I can find myself a bit timid on the subject because: 1) I follow the cultural inclination to do the dance around on matters of money and 2) I happen to think it actually is not really any of my business what Fighter X is making for a forthcoming fight.

Yet, the curiosity persists…so, I found myself going there with Freddie Roach the other day. Hey, Freddie, excuse my nosiness, but I admit to being curious…does Pacquiao pay you on a percentage basis, or a flat fee, per fight?

“Me and Manny were in camp for the Algieri fight, seven weeks before, and we discussed pay. He said, ‘I’ll pay you this amount.”

“OK, Manny,” Roach answered Pacman.

“I’ve never doubted him, he’s a generous person.”

Manny’s guarantee for the Algieri fight was $23 million. Would he pay Roach a customary ten percent of that pile? I’m guessing is customary for that percentage to be lowered when the purse numbers get into the astronomical range…

So there ya go, friends. These two don’t let money matters get between them. And you can fill in the blanks, and assume Roach does quite nicely, and might be the best paid trainer in the game. Hey, anyone out there know what Floyd pays Uncle Roger and Papa Floyd? Holler if you care to, in the Forum section…

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-StormCentre :

Hey, anyone out there know what Floyd pays Uncle Roger and Papa Floyd? Holler if you care to, in the Forum section... [url=]
Good question Mike. I would be interesting to conclusively know wouldn't it? And yes, I have always though the same about the job interview situation - so agree with what you say there . . . . in fact, sometimes when/if - during the interview - if you ask about the remuneration it actually goes against you - like you shouldn't be concerned about that. I could be wrong but . . . . I believe the reason for that is somewhat psychological, in that the hiring agency/organisation knows that they intend to marginalise you and/or subject you to work, responsibility and/or conditions that exceed your salary/rates.

-Radam G :

It would be impossible to know exactly what Money May pays to his pops and uncle and anybody else for the simple reason that he pays low and the payees lie high. Everybodeee and dey momma ask. It is nothing wrong with that. But be prepared to be lied to. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Its none of my business... But its plain to see that Mayweather has taken very good care of his parents, grandmother, uncles children babies mama's and entourage ..... Along with all of his buddies and cousins from his original neighbor hood. These guys are living in the lap of luxury relatively speaking and they don't sleep at the Big Boy Mansion or borrow the keys to one of the many Bugatti's collecting dust in one of the garages at his several retreats around the country. I've been told that the jet rides around the world and the strippers are freely provided for by the biggest benefactor in boxing. Which is probably why he carries around so much cash. My biggest question is .... Does his entourage have entourage insurance for when their entourage days are over? At what point does the gravy train end... Surprisingly it may never end as some members of his entourage have their own businesses and investments in progress as well as Floyd having a few ventures in motion himself. What we do know is Floyd maintains a rather large extended family ... If he wants the continuity of their wellbeing to be substained well beyond his fighting years he should be taking a hard look at the cash he would make fighting Manny.

-dino da vinci :

Money does not pay a percentage, but like Manny, happens to be very generous with those around him. And when you think about it, while no one feels for the plight of the trainer and mitt men more than me, in Money's case can you picture paying Roger ten million a year to work the mitts?

-The Shadow :

Very true, Dino. Dude "overpays" out there in Nevada. Before his TMT thing, sparring partners used to love him. Top 10-15 ranked fighters would make as much or more working with Mayweather than they would for eliminators! I heard from the MBC he broke his pops and uncle off proper after the Canelo fight with a seven figure check (whether it was combined or separate, I'm not sure), AND he bought his dad like a new house. Roger got some new teeth, as well. Manny Pacquiao is mighty generous too -- perhaps TOO generous (looking at YOU, Em Con Artist!) -- but Radam probably has better sources regarding that. Canadian Shadow? Try Canadian Shyster!

-Froggy :

Canadian Shyster ? Canadian Shyster ? I am Canadian, Shadow, if the guy is a Shyster, and I have no reason to doubt you, please explain ! Pacquiao is my favorite fighter if he is getting ripped off I don't want it to be one of my countrymen doing the ripping off ! He should be exposed if that is the case !