Roach Isn’t Sold On Idea That We Are In a Total Cold War Thaw

You can be excused if you feel somewhat cynical in regards to the level of optimism in the minds of some regarding a possible Manny Pacquiao-Flotd Mayweather match. Lord knows, the topic has been exhausted, and wheels have been spun for soooo long…

Freddie Roach has been optimistic, pessimistic and everything in between the last couple of years, and right now, Dedham Freddie thinks we’ll achieve liftoff. But only a fool wouldn’t have a contingency plan, wouldn’t note that we’ve felt optimistic before.

In Roach’s case, he’s been talking about 140 pound champ Danny Garica, and that one makes some sense, especially considering Freddie has been saying lately that he’d like Manny to be fighting at 140, considering he has trouble keeping weight on, and besides, the trainer thinks the Congressman’s power speaks louder at junior welter. But forgive his cynicism, please, this is the boxing business, it is practically a prerequisite if you’ve involved more than a few years. So, Freddie isn’t sold not he idea that the “cold war” is in full thaw mode. “But the problem would be the two promoters who don’t always like each other,” he said, referring to Bob Arum and Oscar De La Hoya. “C’mon, Arum and Don King didn’t like each other, but business is business and money is money! It’s ridiculous, we’ve had this cold war in the middle of the prime of the careers of so many of these guys.”

Roach said it still remains to be seen how well Oscar can perform as a promoter, with the ousting of Richard Schaefer, who ran the Golden Boy show, by and large, in the last few years. “Oscar was a great fighter, but Schaefer was doing a lot of the promoting. I mean, it’s like me becoming a promoter.”

I guess the proof will be in the pudding, if the in-the-works clash between Miguel Cotto, who usually does business with Arum, and Golden Boy building block Canelo Alvarez, gets ironed out. Oscar’s stock went up in the eyes of many, who wondered if he could swim with the sharks in the promotions ocean, as he did in the squared circle, when he ushered Canelo over to HBO, for a mega contract, after the Mexican had been a recent fixture on Showtime. I guess Freddie wasn’t all that impressed…

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