Zou Gets Knockdowns and W In Macau

Zou Shiming took on Kwanpichit Onesongchaingym in the second to last PPV bout from Macau on Saturday night, and who would have known, Zou is now a bomber type. OK, maybe not a “bomber,” but Zou craved KO and sent his foe to the mat four times enroute to a UD12 victory. He likely tortured trainer Freddie Roach, squaring up, leaving himself open to counter rights, but a win is a win is a win. The scores read: 119-106, 199-0106, 120-103, for Zou, who earned extra points for fighting with a severely swollen left eye.

Zou went 340-816 to 119-534 for the loser.

Zou (age 33; 112 and 120 on fight night), is from China, and Kwanpichit Onesongchainggym(age 33; 112 and 124 on fight night) is from Thailand.

In the first, Zou moved backward and laterally, sometimes edged forward and snapped a jab. Trainer Freddie Roach said he liked the straight right, and the one-two. He wanted one-twos, and then for Zou to slide away.

In the second, Zou ate a right counter at 1:40. A right then dropped the Thai boxer. He got an eight count, and then Zou had fun. Another knockdown came, off an overhand right, and then Zou almost scored a stoppage at the end of the round. Both rights got there quicker than the foes’ own launch.

In the third, Zou clowned some, stood squared up, dropped his hands, dared the Thai to smash him…He was enjoying his work.

In the fourth, Zou danced more, and smacked the Pacquiao lookalike with nastiness and frequently. The ref warned harshly the Thai man for straying low. In round five, Zou kept having fun. The Thai had a point for going low, and then shortly after, was sent to the mat yet again.

In the seventh, the ref took another point and threatened DQ. Zou’s left eye was closing and he ate a couple clean shots in this round. In the eighth, Zou ate the cleanest of rights, and he blinked twice. Then a butt caused a cut on the bridge of the nose over Zou’s left eye.

In the ninth, Zou ate a couple and Roach was frustrated. He asked for a KO in round ten. No more lefty, stay righty and throw fast and hard, please, he said. Zou looked to throw bombs and guess what, ate a couple hard counters. Right hands found his temple.

“You’re not tired. Eff that. Go knock this guy out!” Roach commanded before the 11th. Zou ate another sharp right, and the Thai scrapper kept on coming forward. In the 12th, the Zou eye was beyond bad. He was able to stay away from the Thai right, and then Zou scored his fourth knockdown, right before the final bell. We went to the cards…

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