A Year Ago, Algieri Was “Ready To Quit”

What are we doing here, Chris Algieri was thinking to himself just about one year ago today…

Why am I fighting off TV?

Why are we making lateral moves?

Why am I seeing this 18-0 guy, a guy with the same record as me, being beaten into a coma, as Magomed Abduslamov was on Nov. 2, 2013? For what?

Yes, Algieri was in frustration mode last year at this time, bummed out at his lack of progress, at the semi-standstill he found himself in, he said at a press roundtable Monday in Macau. He went into his promoters office and said he was “ready to quit.” (Check out 18:01 of this video from Banner Promotions.)


“I was at the Mago fight…one fight, and he is in a coma,” he recalled, days out from his scrap against Manny Pacquiao. “The guy just died, I’m done,” he told Joe DeGuardia, who told him to hang tight.

He did, and was offered an ESPN fight, against Emmanuel Taylor (on Feb. 14, 2013). Algieri said that was seen as a risky fight which DeGuardia didn’t want to make. “He was a dangerous guy, he’d just knocked two guys dead on TV,” the hitter stated. Algieri beat Taylor, UD10, and won a faceoff with Ruslan Provodnikov as a result. He won that one, and won himself a trip to Macau.

Message to any and all of us feeling like we’re at the end of the line, and have no more to give: you might want to consider hanging on a bit longer…because you might just be quitting right before your luck is about to turn.

—- Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank



-Gabrielito :

This is not a PPV fight and I won't be buying it, but Algeiri is a nice kid and deserves some respect for how he's handled Roach's attempt to rile him. It's all gamesmanship and Chris sees it for what it is. That said he's going down in flames.