Erik Morales On Pacquiao-Algieri

Leading up to the Pacquiao vs. Algieri November 22 world welterweight championship pay-per-view event, former world champion Erik Morales gives his view and provides insight on the match-up in this Q&A. The Q&A is available in English & Spanish.

Erik Morales Q&A

1) What Does Algieri need to do to have a chance at beating Pacquaio?

Morales Answer: He needs to use his boxing skills. Move and jab and make sure he stays away from Pacquiao by using his size and reach.

Que tiene que hacer Chris Algiere para mejorar sus posibilidades de vencer a Manny Pacquiao?

Tiene que utilizar su boxeo. Usar su jab y mantenerse en la distancia y tiene que aprovechar su altura y alcance para mantenerse lejos del poder de Pacquiao

2) How have Pacquiao’s skills in the ring changed as he’s gotten older?

Every boxer changes as they get older. Some become more aggressive and some more cautious. Pacquiao is a more complete fighter now than when I fought him. He seems more patient and more intelligent in the ring.

De qué manera ha cambiado las habilidades de Pacquiao sobre el ring en esta etapa de su carrera?

Todos los boxeadores cambian, algunos son más agresivos otros más cautelosos. Pacquiao es un peleador más completo que cuando yo pelee con él y lo veo con más paciencia y con más inteligencia sobre el ring.

3) What is the key to timing Pacquiao’s rhythm?

I don’t think it is about his rhythm as it is about you making fight your fight. I did it the first time I fought, Juan Manuel Marquez has his number and Algieri has to also dictate the pace of the fight, he wants a boxing match and not a brawl with him.

Cuál es la clave de interrumpir el ritmo de Pacquaio?

No se trata del ritmo de Pacquiao, se trata de hacerlo pelear tu pelea. Yo lo hice en la primera pelea y Juan Manuel Marquez siempre lo ha podido hacer. Algieri tiene que dictar el ritmo de la pelea, boxearlo y no hacer una pelea de poder a poder

4) What is the biggest key for Algieri defensively in this fight?

He needs to keep away from Pacquiao’s power, keep him busy with the jab and make sure you land first and when he gets aggressive just counter him. Distance will be a big key.

Cuál es la clave defensiva más importante para Algieri?

Tiene que ser inteligente mantenerse fuera de la zona de poder de Pacquiao, usar el jab, conectar primero y usar el contragolpe cuando Pacquiao ataque. La Distancia será la clave de la victoria.

5) How much will Pacquiao’s experience advantage affect the outcome of the bout?

Experience is important in any fight. Pacquiao has been in some very big fights and knows how to perform in big fights. I am sure that if he wins one of the factors will be his experience in big fights.

Que tan importante es la ventaja en experiencia de Pacquiao en esta pelea?

La experiencia es importante en todas las peleas. Pacquiao sabe pelear en peleas grandes y ha tenido mucho éxito. Estoy seguro que si gana, una de las razones será

Pacquiao vs. Algieri happens Saturday, November 22 live on pay-per-view beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.