Caruso: Nadjib Mohammedi Could Be Next For Hopkins-Kovalev Winner

Vince Caruso’s BP has ticked up a few notches over the last couple weeks, as the American advisor to Frenchman Nadjib Mohammedi (35-3; age 29) got a sense at the lack of buzz surrounding his guy gloving up underneath Hopkins-Kovalev in AC.

Caruso came to Mo after Mo beat his now former fighter, Anatoliy Dudchenko June 21 in a bout which saw DUDchenko really live up to his last name. That’s not me being fresh, that’s from Caruso, a West Coast transplant who grew up in Jersey and still retains some of the rawness of the prototype Jersey boy.

So, is Nadjib being overlooked going into his fight with 7-7-1 Demetrius Walker?

“That’s the understatement of the year,” said Caruso, who by the way had a stint in pro wrestling and yes, can cut a promo and employ hyperbole in delightful excess.

So, if Nadjib wins, who’s he got next? “The Hopkins-Kovalev winner,” said Caruso. Hopkins holds the IBF belt, and Nadjib is their No. 1 contender.

Yeah, you don’t think the guy is on the card for craps n giggles, do ya? But really…how likely is that, what with Hopkins talking Triple G next?

“We have to wait; the IBF says the winner of Hopkins-Kovalev must face Nadjib. He stepped aside (as mandatory contender to IBF champ Hopkins) for this to happen.”

No, Caruso hasn’t has even a prelim discussion with the dealmaking principals who’d need to help activate that IBF best-laid-plan. But he remains optimistic that things will work out for the Frenchman.