Tomoki Kameda Gets SD12 Over Survivor Alejandro Hernandez

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Tomoki Kameda took on Alejandro Hernandez in the second of three bouts on a Showtime broadcast, which unfolded on Saturday night in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion. The WBO bantamweight title, held by the man from Japan, who lives in Mexico, was up for grabs, but Hernandez was in survivor mode, and looked to win by going the full twelve. Too bad; the fight didn’t reach many peaks because Kameda didn’t get pushed much. His left eye was closing by the end but he still got judge love, SD12.

The scores for the Japanese boxer were 113-115, 115-113, 115-113.

Kam went 217-564 to 157-815 for the loser, who got love for throwing a bit more.

Kameda had a 30-0 with 19 Kos entering, while the 15-year-vet Hernandez (28-10-2 with 15 Kos) was trying for the third time for a title (one at 1112, one at 115, this one at 118).

In the first, the bottle blonde Kam popped the jab. So did Al. He kept his guard high and tight. Kam went low than high with the jab. He stayed outside mostly, not looking to work his way inside. In the second, Kam edged closer, and the two traded more. Kam was putting together combos, stalking more, upping the pressure. In the third, Hernandez simply was too patient. He tried to defend well, OK, but how was he expecting to win?

In the fourth, Kam started out fiery. Hernandez knew he needed to answer or get ground down. He went lefty in response at 1:50. In the fifth, they started rumbling some to start. Kam was not working in tight. He ripped left hooks inside, and then went back to work from the outside. In the sixth, the survivor Hernandez kept on keeping on being a defender.

In the seventh, it was more of the same. In the eighth, ditto. Hernandez did step up in nine, and the underdog liked the sight of a cut on Kam’s left eye, the lid. Not enough to go ballistic, truly go mad-dog on him. Hernandez gestured and jawed and postured but punch? Not enough.

In the tenth, Kam boxed smart, didn’t press the action, didn’t make it so there’d be trading. Kam won the 11th and then held to start the 12th.



-deepwater2 :

The espn channel I switched to between rounds was better entertainment

-The Commish :

I'm not sure what fight judge Denny Nelson of Minnesota was watching, but I'm sure it wasn't Kameda-Hernandez. He gave the fight to Hernandez 115-113. The other two judges had it 115-113 the other way. There is just no explaining how such a normally-competent judge could lean the other way, when it was clear--albeit close--that the champ had retained his title. Can we ever have a close, competitive fight where all three judges agree on the correct winner? -Randy G.