-deepwater2 :

Hopkins is going to have to stay inside and not give SK any room to punch. Will the ref let Hopkins initiate the clinch? Will Hopkins get away with fouls? Will SK get penalized when he retaliates? Those are the questions that I think will determine the winner.

-StormCentre :

I like the "The Fight Game with Jim Lampley" And the interview with Bernard Hopkins aint bad either . . . but . . . What's going on with B-Hop? Can he not ever answer a question quickly and get straight to the point? It's like you get 5 minutes of answer and dialogue for every 7 seconds of question. Still, he's probably more of a living legend than most that claim to be. I just found myself fast forwarding out of all the verbage (verbal-garbage) to see what training techniques he was doing - but there was nothing but an Alien hitting the boxing bag, with some other top notch contenders labouring over their own bags in the background.