Golovkin Trainer Abel Sanchez Assesses Gennady’s Showing, Rubio’s Effort

So, Abel Sanchez, your man did it again. It’s a familiar sight, an almost foregone conclusion: Gennady Golovkin, quick with a grin, and just as quick in his ability to assault a foe to a level where the possibility of fighting on is either impossible, or so distasteful as to insure surrender, having his hand raised.

Last night, it was in front of his largest crowd yet, at Stub Hub Center, in Carson, CA, and on HBO. The designated sacrifice was Marco Antonio Rubio, billed as someone with pop, and a veteran’s wisdom, which could allow him, some smarts said, to have his moments. Not so much, though…

Sanchez told me he was basically pleased with Golovkin’s showing: “It was a good outcome, good atmosphere, very good response from fans,” he said. “Gennady came out a little tight, so between rounds I asked him for a better jab and straight right hand, not so many wide shots. He complied and made Rubio have to open and close his guard.”

Ah, Rubio, yes. The 34-year-old Mexican threw a spitball at us all when he came in overweight,a nd refused to shed the final 1.8 pounds. And the way he went down, and got up at 9.75. SMH…Shake your head, Abel?

“I think the opportunity was important for Rubio,” he said. “And he knew he could not turn it down. He knew the Cotto mandatory for him was a pipe dream. But I understand he came in to camp at 190 pounds.”

Seemed like he tasted the power in the first and a switch flipped in his head, maybe…

“GGG is not the type to go crazy in the first round, but once he zeroes in, it will be difficult to take his power. As for Rubio, he was listening intently to the referee when he got knocked down, and has had too many fights to make that mistake. He got hurt and he knew it.”

Yep, Abel nailed it…We agreed, warriors of a different stripe need need need to beat the count. Their pride is their whole world…

“Or just stay down, without the excuses!” the trainer railed. “We as fans deserve (honest effort), and 9,000 plus knew Gennady would deliver that!”

Golovkin is entering into new territory, that shift from “a guy known by all boxing super fans” to a “guy known by super casual boxing fans” and maybe headed to being “a guy known by people who still think Mike Tyson is the heavyweight champ.” Thus, there is more interest on him round the clock. Yes, he’s kind of a celeb now. So, in that vein, Abel, what did GGG do last night after the win? Whoop it up? Make it rain in a club? Blow some purse money on Cristal and soak up the arse kissing from the adulation crew, the people who like to siphon off the emanating vibes from someone who’s a big shot? You know, get cool by osmosis…

“Nah, he went to bed, and woke up at 11 AM for lunch,” Sanchez told me of the boxer, who will fly back to re-connect with his family in Stuttgart, Germany tomorrow (Monday). “He had fruit salad and yogurt.”

Bo-ring! I mean, from the perspective of the media who likes when the celebs act up, get onto TMZ, act foolish, stir up bad buzz. “He takes care of himself, it makes our job easier,” Sanchez said.  “And on Sunday, he will have taken in some of the local sights in Cali,” the trainer said.

No, the sights aren’t the ones, say, Mayweather would maybe avail himself of, in a club where a guy with a stack of a hundred singles can make himself feel like the king of the hill. Golovkin doesn’t need all that “stimulation,” I guess.

“Yeah, sorry, we will just be out there giving people good fights, for their drama,” he said. Golovkin will today have hit the beach, done some shopping…Hmm, sounds like the dude is all about Triple G-rated out of the ring, eh Abel?

“No, he really is square, like me!” Sanchez said.

There will be rest, and his people, led by promoter Tom Loeffler, will be plotting next. Any preferences, or ideas, Abel?

“I believe we will fight in Monte Carlo next, unless Tom and Bob Arum can get Chavez Jr. to agree to a fight,” he said. “I just want to keep him busy. And, we all need to be asking the questions of the so-called “elites,” ask them why they won’t fight Gennady.”

Fair enough…elites, and you know who you are…what’s stopping you from trying to prove that the kid from Kazahkstan IS NOT who some are saying he is: the sport’s next superstar.

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