Business Will Continue At Goossen Tutor: “It’s What Dan Would Want”

The show must go, the show will go on, it is a fact, yes, maybe a somewhat sad fact about the world we are sentenced to live in.

A beloved head of an entity dies, suddenly, and in a righteous world, all would be put on hold, while a proper period of grieving is enacted. Proper, like, many months, at least…

Dan Goossen, who headed up Goossen Tutor Promotions, and inspired a stunning outpouring of heart-felt homages from people within the fightgame fraternity who found him to be a complete mensch, is gone. September 29th, liver cancer was the culprit.

But the show, what he did at Goossen Tutor, what his family, like son Craig, and staff and fighters did with him at the helm, that will continue. Tom Brown, Dan’s friend for about 30 years, and an ace matchmaker, told TSS that Goossen Tutor will continue to be in the boxing business. “We’re still in shock,” Brown told me. “But business goes on. It’s just what we do. We have two or three things to be announced before the end of the year. We are planning shows.” He mentioned ESPN dates, and agreements with venues to stage cards. “But yes, we’re missing our leader. We’ve got to all make up for his absence, as best we can. It’s what he would want. We’ve got fighters we need to keep active.”