Harold Lederman Says Someone Is Getting Kayoed Oct. 18 on HBO

I second that notion, when I hear the estimable Harold Lederman, the fight-game crazy former pharmacist who says, “Gennady Golovin is very, very close to being a boxing superstar.”

Yep; the Kazakh kid, the grinning assassin who can go from giving off an aura of benevolence to the point that I’d happily hand my kids off to him, and give him money for takeout, a cab ride home and some dough for watching them in a heartbeat, to a most industrious and efficient shifter of neurons in half an eye blink, gloves up Saturday night. Mr. Lederman, it says here, won’t be all that busy on air during the scrap which pits the 30-0 boxer with 27 KOs against the 34-year-old solid but triple A in comparison Marco Antonio Rubio, who is 59-6-1, and has been stopped out in three of his six losses. Expect that to be four of seven, before we reach the midway point of the tussle, which has Glovkin’s WBA and IBO 160 belts up for the taking. He will be taking them with him, I think, and I suspect Harold can turn in 10-9, 10-9, 10-8, and 10-7 cards to share with the HBO viewers, as he watched ringside from the Stub Hub Center.

Lederman, in this Hey Harold! segment, tells us he thinks this will be a “dynamite” fight, so here’s hoping Rubio gives us the performance of his professional life, and contributes to some drama in that ring. “Rubio’s really come to win this fight,” Harold says, but “someone’s getting knocked out on Oct. 18.”

I am in complete accord, friends. For me, it’s just a matter of when. And I do believe we will see Golovkin make that final ascent to stardom, to the point where the mainstream press starts to pay attention, next year, after we wind down this placeholder year of prizefighting…

I’m thinking Rubio goes down, gets counted out a bit later than Daniel Geale did, because he possesses a bit more in the way of the veteran ability to stay afloat when faced with drowning. But I think he sinks, round four or five. Youse?