Cuban Ace Marcos Forestal Signs With Gary Hyde

Sometimes people in this business step up, prove their worth and force you to re-consider them. Force you to pay attention, with a bit more focus, because to not do so would be imprudent.

After Hassan N’Dam outboxed Curtis Stevens, as the amiable Irishman Gary Hyde told me he would, in no uncertain or hedging terms, that forced me to view Hyde in a new light. The guy can spot talent, early. He knows what he sees. And guess what…even some real smart folks, with Hall of Fame credentials, can’t say the same…

So, when Hyde alerted me that he signed a new player, I perked up. Who, Gary?

“Marcos Forestal,” he told me, while jetting back to Ireland, by way of Amsterdam.

“He is the kid who defected from the Cuban WSB team in April. I have been in touch with him since he defected and was disappointed to learn that he had signed with Al Haymon. He has now been released by Haymon and I brought him to LA this week to see what he was about. Needless to say he really impressed me when he sparred at the Wild Card and the Rock gyms. This kid knows what he wants and he doesn’t want to waste any time getting it. Forestal is an action-packed puncher with a southpaw stance. I am really excited about this kid as he ticks every box for me. Great looking kid and he has already got a grasp of the English language.”

What sort of style does he use?

“Heavy handed and throws plenty as well,” Hyde said. “Great finisher who loves a tear up.”

Works for me…

And why then did he part ways with the Wizard of Al Haymon, who is no slouch in the talent spotting department?

“His immigration status was up in the air,” Hyde explained of a 21-year-old who won almost 300 fights as an amateur. “I have retained leading immigration attorney Frank Ronzio to handle his application and we expect everything to be worked out soon.”

There ya go, friends. Add Forestal to your watch list…