The Reports Of His Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerrated

The reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

Boxing fans and his friends and family should know that contrary to a report making the rounds earlier on Monday, boxing promoter Nick Ratteni, of Guilty Boxing Promotions, a Las Vegas-based company, is not deceased.

I know this because I called a friend of Nick’s after I got word that a well-known boxing website had published a note mentioning his passing. The friend said that, in fact, he’d spoken to Nick not a half hour ago. That was at about 8 PM on Monday night, long after the item first appeared. I followed up, and dialed Ratteni’s cell. Lo and behold, he picked up the phone. No, he said, I’m not dead.

He’d been getting calls from saddened people, he said, and he’d very much like to know how this rumor got started. Alive and never feeling better, Ratteni told me.

So, pass the word. Nick Ratteni is not dead, despite what you may have read.