Leo Santa Cruz Bombs Out Sparring Partner Manuel Roman

Photo Credits: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Leo Santa Cruz met Manuel Roman in a clear the air bout, which took place after the dreadful Miguel Vazquez-Mickey Bey bore-fest. It did the job, I guess, as a one-two dropped Roman in round two. A lazy jab helped LSC’s targeting.

The end came at :55 of the second.

The WBC super bantam crown on LSC was up for grabs.SC (27-0-1 entering; age 26; 121, 133 tonight) lives in Cali, while Roman (17-2-3 entering; age 26; 122-129 tonight) also lives in Cali.

In the first, LSC came forward, pressed, led with both hands, and looked to be the boss in there. In the second, a right hand put Roman down, for the count. The ref waved it off..

LSC said he’s not scared of Guillermo Rigondeaux…if his manager and advisor set it up. Another guy not putting his own foot down regarding his own destiny. Fair to say we’re all tired of it.



-Skibbz :

So he fought and beat a bantamweight who is no where near his class level, then called out rigondeaux (as well as calling out Frampton last week). Haymon paid him 750k for this, the fans paid 75 for this but the real cost was the time wasted in watching Cruz knock out his sparring mate who doesn't belong at the contracted weight. Vegas is an unashamed terrible destination for boxing.

-StormCentre :

Give him what he wants (Rigo). Be careful what you ask for . . . you might just get it.

-deepwater2 :

That was sad. It was crap as soon as it was announced. you can't be ready for Frampton and rigo with fights like this.

-Skibbz :

Quigg also put in a solid performance tonight with a R3 stoppage. His opponent was not someone lined up for him to beat so easily however. Haymon really is dreadful for the sport I'm left very bitter tonight and it's frustrating because boxing is a sport I love and big fight nights shouldn't leave the fans underwhelmed and robbed.

-deepwater2 :

We all new the undercard sucked. The ref favored Floyd . The ppv numbers will reflect it. Crap card. If it was on regular Showtime it would of been ok. Barely.

-The Commish :

We all new the undercard sucked. The ref favored Floyd . The ppv numbers will reflect it. Crap card. If it was on regular Showtime it would of been ok. Barely.
Several of you have said Kenny Bayless "favored Floyd." I don't see it. At no point in the fight was Floyd ever like Wladimir Klitschko when the champ faced Alexander Povetkin--171 clinches. That was brutal and totally unacceptable for a heavyweight champion, yet referee Luis Pabon allowed Wladimir to clinch and grab for every bit of 12 rounds. Muhammad Ali did the same thing against Joe Frazier in their second fight. He was allowed to do it by ref Tony Perez. In the $$$May-Maidana rematch, sure, Bayless broke them from clinches on numerous occasions, but "favored Floyd." Not in my eyes. What was he supposed to do? Allow Maidana, a noted dirty fighter, to fight his way out of a clinch with a headbutt, an elbow, a knee or a forearm to the throat? Maidana fans and Mayweather haters are not happy with what they saw on Saturday night. Their guy lost. Convincingly. The guy they wanted to see lose his first fight did anything but lose. He won. Convincingly. So, while Maidana is telling everyone who will listen that he thinks he won the fight, his fans are agreeing and blaming his loss on a partial, biased referee, whom they are claiming allowed Mayweather to get away with excessive holding. Nowadays, it seems as if a fight has to end on a clean knockout or on a non-disputed TKO. Anything else will be called a "robbery" or "biased officiating." Last night was a masterpiece by the master himself. Give him credit for that. -Randy G.