Winner of Soliman-Taylor Might Be Next For Quillin

While Peter Quillin exults in the sights, sounds, aromas, bliss and stress of his new baby, suits are figuring out ideas for his next test, in the ring. It was thought he’d battle contender Matt Korobov, then that plan was ditched. It looked like he’d battle Danny Jacobs, who now holds the WBA 160 crown, but a source tells me we are more likely to see not that all-NYC battle, but instead see Quilling get the winner of the forthcoming Sam Soliman-Jermain Taylor scrap.

Soliman holds the IBF belt, and will be tested by Taylor on Oct. 8, in Mississippi, and on ESPN2.

A Quillin-Jacobs battle for their next is not fully off the table, however, I am told. That bout was being paved a path for, it looked like, when Quillin renounced his WBO title last week.

“The Wizard Of” Al Haymon advises Quillin, so he knows more than I do…

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-deepwater2 :

Soliman will beat Quillin so that fight will be avoided just like the Korobov fight was. A daddy should never use his newborn son as an excuse not to do his job. Two thumbs down for Quillin.

-brownsugar :

Its possible. But Soliman is a static commodity...he's an awkward plodding workhorse of a fighter. He's under scrutiny for previous drug use and he's forty years old.... To make matters worse Quillin is known to have a really hard punch. This combination of flaws doesn't guarantee a win for Soliman. But why does Quillin. Give up the title for a less than intriguiging fight than Korobov? I swear this is baffling.

-amayseng :

Quillin has been nothing but a disappointment both inside and out of the ring. "I can't wait to see Quillin fight" -has been said by nobody, ever....

-StormCentre :

Soliman is a very awkward and tough fighter. I don't see Quillin being any tougher than Strum on his home turf, and Soliman beat Strum in Germany. That said, Sam is a little open if you can adjust to him. But I don't know if Quillin has the skills to meaningfully do that. Not sure whether I completely buy the positive test Soliman was claimed to have been guilty of, and I'm not just saying that cause he's from Australia. Sure, he could have been covering all bases and juicing. But his lawyer presented a pretty good argument for how Strum's management "managed" the alleged positive result, and also they seemed to be very reluctant to follow a reasonable protocol that would allow Soliman to meaningfully present his 2nd (negative) sample that was said to have been taken (and kept) at the same time as the so called positive sample. All up, (at times) it sounded like a ploy by Strum's management to keep either the title at home - or the chance to recover it.