MALIGNAGGI: “I See Mayweather-Maidana 2 Being Another Close Fight”

There are a lot of folks thinking that this Mayeather-Maidana rematch doesn’t play out as exciting, that Mayweather wins by a more comfortable margin than he did back in May, when one judge saw a draw, and the others had Floyd up by four, and six points.

Count me among them. The rounds in which Floyd fought smarter, not harder, were clear Mayweather rounds.

Of course easier said than done, but barring severe slippage, into an age deterioration rut, this time around, I see Floyd not being in such a “fan friendly” mode.

How does Showtime analyst and ex 140 and 147 pound champ Paul Malignaggi see it going down?

“I think it’s another close fight,” the 34-in-November hitter told me. As to whether Floyd fought the way he did last time because he wanted every fan to get their money’s worth, and that’s why he was comparatively immobile in many rounds, as opposed to the “old” Floyd, Malignaggi touched on that.

“No one wants a close fight when they are a fighter,” he said. Nuff said.

“Age affects us all, Floyd looked a bit hittable against Miguel Cotto (May 2012) as well,” he continued. “In some fights, movement is more essential than others. Do reflexes erode more or does mobility lessen when Father Time attacks? Reflexes erode, you can’t stop nature from taking its course.”

Paulie buys it that this regular-length camp could indeed be a boon for Maidana, so yes, he does see a close fight.

Seems like a lot of analysts, maybe most, think it will be easier for “Money” this time around. Got to see who’s instinct plays out on point, people.

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-Radam G :

Paulie knows it. I know it. And tons of boksing brains know it. We are not going to get touches of superior-boxer blindness, nor chow down on the lamed alibis by Junior or Senior May weather for the last scrap. The last referee did his. This one will also do his job. Lil' Floyd didn't have a referee problem with Chino last time, but a style and delivery one. Chino's rhythm and roughhousing threw Money May into an quagmire. This time it is going to put him in a ring of fire. And all Money May wants, Alex Ariza he can hire. But tying to whup Money May's @$$, it won't slow Chino's desire. Again, this second dance will be a Money May's close win or a draw. Again, nervous as heck is going to be Money May's groupies and grandma. Holla!