Rumor Says ‘BC Asking Adonis To Settle On Voluntary By Sept. 19

The reaction to the possibility that a Jean Pascal-Adonis Stevenson fight could be happening in a few months drew a pretty darned uniform response on the ole Twitter timeline when I posted it last week.

Get er done.

Good fight.

And then, when people got wind of Team Adonis’ reticence, at their insistence that their guy get a baby-lion’s share of purse money, despite Team Pascal laying out the revenue-making history of their guy, which dwarfs Stevensons,’ the reaction was again uniform.


I didn’t see anyone opining that yes, Adonis should take a fight against a comparative no name, or a faded vet, and blow off the chance to make maybe more money, in a fight which would be the biggest boxing deal Quebec has had in many a moon.

Despite all that, what seems to me to be common sense, for Stevenson’s squad to smell the mood, and know that the people, hello, the ones that are paying the money to get the premium cable channel fare, the ones that will be shoving themselves into the arena to see which one seventy fiver is the top dog and draw in that town, hasn’t resulted in a deal being made.

Well, some news I’m hearing on the whisper grapevine could get us closer to seeing this no brainer fight getting made. I’m hearing that the WBC is giving Team Adonis till Friday, Sept. 19 to get his affairs in order, and share those plans with them, if he wants to make a mandatory defense i.e. fight a presumed softer touch than Pascal, who is the No. 1 ranked pugilist by the BC at 75.

Now, I’m not certain why, if Team Adonis does want to go in another direction than Pascal, be it against Gabriel Campillo (WBC No. 9, behind No. 6 Andrezj Fonfara, who he beat in his last outing) or Umberto Savigne (ranked No. 2 by WBC) or whoever, that hasn’t been put together. Maybe a Showtime isn’t keen on paying up for those tussles? I don’t know…But I do know a Pascal-Stevenson fight is a NO BRAINER.

I don’t pretend: I think that fight makes sense, I know the air will be thick with drama when it goes down, the building will be overstuffed. If I have a vote, and I think I should, as I’m a fan first, then I’m hoping that behind the scenes, the WBC is actually encouraging Team Adonis to go in the direction just about everyone else is saying they should: to sign on for a big money, big drama bout against a guy who has, it has to be said, shown himself to be a throwback-warrior sort, by contrast.

Feel free to cross your fingers with me, and lobby a bit, if you think Pascal-Stevenson makes too much sense not to make.



-BFF :

so much for stevenson leaving hbo and joining team haymon for the bigger money fights huh......