Thoughts on Cotto-Canelo, Golovkin-Cotto, Golovkin-Canelo

Tom Loeffler isn’t one to enter the trash talk fray. You might think, and I might like, if the promoter for Gennady Golovkin took umbrage at the recent disclosure that WBC middleweight champ Miguel Cotto is hitting the hammock for the rest of 2014.

Yep, no glove ups for the Puerto Rican, so his strap will be gathering dust until, we presume, he will sign on for a legit superfight, Cotto vs. Canelo, early next summer. We all know Golovkin (seen above next to Mexi-legend Erik Morales, in Abel Sanchez snap, where both were guests Sunday at the East L.A. Mexican Independence Day Parade and Festival), the smiling assassin from Kazakhstan, has been having difficult luring bugs into his trap, I mean, getting big name foes to do the violent waltz with him.

Sergio Martinez was steered away by his team, Peter Quillin is on the wrong political side, having been a Showtime fixture, Canelo seems to want to start a 154 pound plus division, and Cotto would rather earn piles of booty against the Mexican rumbler. So, Mr. Loeffler, are you irked that Cotto has shown no public interest in a Golovkin tangle?

“It seems like they want to wait for the Canelo fight,” Loeffler answered, “and not take any risks before that. I can’t blame them, that’s a big pay-per-view fight.” Told ya Loeffler isn’t one to breathe fire and do a ranting promo to try to steer the narrative…

Freddie Roach told me he’d love to see his guy Cotto handle Canelo, by KO, and then slay the Golovkin dragon. Meanwhile, “GGG will stay active and fight the biggest names willing to get in the ring with him,” Loeffler continued. “If Gennady beats Marco Antonio Rubio Oct. 18, he will fight the winner of Cotto vs. Canelo.” (Readers, curious to see who you’d want to win that fight, who you would more so like to see test Golovkin…)

Loeffler reminded me that Rubio has the WBC interim 160 crown because he won it when then champ Sergio Martinez was injured. He downed Domenico Spada in April for the strap.

I do wonder how Cotto will proceed. I mean, is Cotto/Canelo a coinflip fight? Roach says that Cotto simply has to use every inch of his experience and he’ll be good vs. The Cinnamon Kid.

Golovkin lovers tend to think that Cotto wants no part of GGG, and predict that a Canelo fight would be Miguel’s last at 160. Does Loeffler think that could happen?

“You can’t tell with Cotto…he has to beat Canelo. Roach says Cotto will fight Golovkin, but who knows when the time really comes?”

Readers, talk to me. Offer your prediction on how all this plays out in the red light district of sports..



-deepwater2 :

I like all those fights. I really don't see GGG fighting those two though. Imagine if Canelo calls out GGG at 154? He will shake up the whole boxing world with that challenge. Even though Quillin is a Showtime fixture,is he under contract to Showtime? Can he fight for HBO if the right offer comes. Like Bernard Hopkins just did? Also since GGG is the WBA super champion and Jacobs is the interim WBA champ do they have any incentive to unify?

-brownsugar :

The cable stations and promoters can do damn well what the please. They made Lomo vs Russell... And were in the process of making Quillin vs Korobov.