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It's almost became a sad certainty, bombshell allegations from an ex, or something of that ilk. On Thursday in the late afternoon we learned, via TMZ, that ex Floyd Mayweather gal-pal Shantal Jackson is suing “Money,” and saying he brutalized her physically.

The boxer got violent with her in 2012, she maintains, after he got out of prison for getting in a nasty physical beef with the mother of three of his kids. Mayweather supposedly choked her then, and in April 2013, he pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot, according to the TMZ story. The most recent incident Jackson refers to came in February of this year. “She's suing for assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment and more,” the story states.

“Miss Jackson,” as she was referred to in lovier-dovier times, and her ex fella squared off before his last fight, in May against Marcos Maidana. His Instagram post which stated she terminated a pregnancy drew harsh reaction in many circles, for insensitivity. Before his May 2013 fight, there was a news drop courtesy of Josie Harris, with whom he got into the confrontation that resulted in his prison stay. Before his bout against Robert Guerrero, Mayweather had to deal with a story quoting the ex Berry as saying he hit her, contrary to what, she said, was shown in promo videos to hype his fight.

My take: I don't enjoy this trend, for whatever reason or reasons it has accelerated in recent years. This stuff makes the Kardashians stuff look classy by comparison.


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