Wait, Miguel Cotto Won’t Fight Again in 2014?

True of false, Miguel Cotto won’t be fighting again till 2015?

The WBC middleweight champ, we thought, was going to glove up in December, maybe take a “stay busy” fight, maybe in NYC. I asked promoter Bob Arum, with whom Cotto usually does business, about the Puerto Rican’s plans, today at the Pacquiao-Algieri presser, in Times Square at the Liberty Theater.

“The problem was as I can see it, he didn’t want to go over to Asia, to train because Manny will be training there with Freddie Roach. Because Freddie can’t be in two places at one time. So Cotto figured I’ll fight next year, early next year, and I’ll have Freddie all to myself.”

So does that pave the way to make Cotto vs Canelo? “I would think that’s a fight, shame on us if it doesn’t happen.”

And hey what about this two Top Rank talents who have been on the sidelines, Mikey Garcia and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr? Will they ever fight again?

“We’re in litigation with Garcia, I just don’t know where he’s coming from, I think he’s listening to the wrong people. And we’ve had difficulties with Julio Chavez but we hope to proceed with Chavez, I’d like to make a fight with Golovkin. I talked to Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler, we had a deal at one point, we can resurrect that fight, the off week between the Conference Finals and the Super Bowl (NFL).”

As for the previous bucketload of money offered to Chavez, well over five million, Arum said, “That’s no longer on the table. I mean, it’s no secret that pay per view numbers have been going down. He’d get his percentage but it’d be a smaller guarantee. If the money is there, he’ll get it.”

If he wants to fight…the trio of Andre Ward, Mikey Garcia and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. seem to be battling for pound for pound status on who will stay inactive the longest.

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