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Adrien-Broner-de la hoya

Adrien Broner gloves up on Saturday, Sept. 6 on a Cincinnati homecoming show, and he'll meet Emmanuel Taylor, who is known to those who he is known to for losing to Chris Algieri. It isn't where Broner was supposed to be in the second half of 2014. The brash talker was being groomed to be a PPV player last year, until Marcos Maidana showed that his punch avoidance and chin quality weren't A grade, not on that December night anyway.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya was asked about that Broner-Taylor bout and he promised, at the end of the Hopkins-Kovalev presser at the Waldorf in NYC, that Broner (age 25; 28-1, with 25 KOs) wasn't in easy. “Taylor is not a walk in the park,” Oscar said.

I questioned the promoter directly, asking him if he thought Broner hadn't, perhaps, been overhyped and that smart people, presumably smart people, had overestimated his skills. He shook his head, no. “He got derailed by Marcos Maidana, now he has to put the wheels back on the train. He's still the Broner who people believed in.”

Mebbe so…Time will tell. And how about you tell me, Forum Faithful, your take. Is Broner poised to hit the reset button, beat Taylor, and get back on a track which had people describing him a potential person to fill the hole after Floyd Mayweather steps off stage…or has he bumped his head on his ceiling of achievement?

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