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Four days after ex bestie 50 Cent went the nasty route against Floyd Mayweather, and heavily implied that the boxing wizard cannot really read, Floyd's publicist, Kelly Swanson, came to the boxer's defense.

The promotional and publicity ace, who has worked with Mayweather since 2005, countered Fifty's slam, which she termed “unfair” and she made clear she thinks the 50 Cent attack is indeed malicious.

Here is the Swanson release, which includes video clips of Mayweather reading promotional material.

I have worked with Floyd Mayweather since 2005 and feel it is only right that I come to his defense. The unfair reports that Floyd cannot read, which have been posted on social media by various individuals and reported by certain media outlets, are simply not true. The proof is in the pudding.

Please watch a video that was recorded by Floyd for promotional purposes (which included taping a spot for a CBS College Football game and a spot promoting his fight against Marcos Maidana).

Appreciate your time and attention with regard to this matter. I believe it is extremely unfair for people to make claims against others that are unfounded and hence, filled with malice. I hope you are willing to help me right this wrong and report “the rest of this story” with these facts.



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