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No secret, I'm a Brooklyn resident, Barclays Center is right near my house, so I'd like the forthcoming scrap between light heavy studs Sergey Kovalev and Bernard Hopkins to take place in BK. But that hasn't been determined yet, according to Kovalev advisor Egis Klimas.

He did tell me in a Tuesday chat that it is looking like the fight date will be Nov. 8, though it could be the prior week, and it likely wouldn't be later in the month. As of now, Nov. 8 is an opne date at Barclays.

Klimas cracked me up when he said, after being asked if the bout will land in AC, a locale reeling from casino closures, or Brooklyn, “I don't give a s— where Hopkins is gonna get knocked out.”

The advisor said he noticed B-Hop trying to insinuate himself into Kovalev's mind during the Aug. 2 postfight interview after Kovalev downed Blake Caparello in AC at Revel, but he said such games don't work on the Russian. “Maybe Sergey will get into his mind, you never know. Of course Hopkins will try to pull it, and he knows how to do it. But you saw it, Sergey didn't blink.”

Klimas says to bring up Hopkins' wins over a Kelly Pavlik, or a Tavoris Cloud, that is apples and oranges. Kovalev, he said, is a much better boxer than given credit for. Klimas did, however, acknowledge that B-Hop is MUCH better than anyone Kovalev as fought to this point. “He's much higher grade, maybe higher than all of them put together.”


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