Caparello Assesses Kovalev-Hopkins Fight

He’s still licking his wounds, the psychic ones, following his defeat at the hands, the most heavy hands, of demolition expert Sergey Kovalev on Aug. 2 in AC. But Blake Caparello was kind enough to check in with TSS, and offer his take on that impending faceoff between the Russian search and destroyer, and the ageless wonder, this era’s topmost professor of pugilism, Bernard Hopkins.

First off, how are you feeling? “Feeling OK, just gutted,” said the Aussie. “Everything was going great in the fight and then I got caught with that liver shot, which just crippled me. It was hard to recover, I didn’t get my breath at first, until the ref’s count reached seven.”

The boxer advised that he will see sunny days again soon. “I will be back. I took on the best and fell short but I will learn and come back bigger and stronger.”

And is Kovalev all that? Is his power at a demonic level? “He’s got power, that’s for sure. Hardest puncher I’ve been in with. But it was a great shot. I knew Kovalev was accurate and picked his shots well. I got caught–whether it was a lapse of concentration or what, there’s no excuse.”

And Krusher vs. The Old Man? What happens there? “That’s gonna be an interesting fight. Hopkins must see something to want to fight him.” And if you had to bet your last dollar on a winner? “Oh the pressure,” Caparello said, chuckling. “I can make a case for both guys. It’s definitely a fifty-fifty fight!”