Danny Garcia: “I Need A Knockout”


PHILADELPHIA (July 30 2014) – Unified Super Lightweight World Champion Danny “Swift” Garcia opened up his DSG Boxing Gym in Philadelphia Wednesday for a media workout prior to his August 9 bout against “Lightning” Rod Salka at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY live on SHOWTIME.

Garcia, along with his father and trainer, Angel Garcia, spoke to the media about the upcoming bout and trained in front of the cameras. With fight night just over a week away, here is what the two had to say on Wednesday.

DANNY GARCIA, Unified Super Lightweight World Champion

“To me, it doesn’t matter, title fight or not, at the end of the day it’s my show and I’m going to put on a great performance for the fans.

“I can guarantee one thing, on August 9th it’s going to be an exciting fight and people who don’t watch it are going to miss out.

“I always go for the knockout. I need a knockout. I haven’t had one since Morales back in Brooklyn so I’m definitely going for it.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I can’t control what people are going to say. All I can do is say I’m going to in there August 9 and fight hard for my fans.

“I feel like every fight I’m in is always a big fight. There’s always excitement and the fans know what they’re going to see when they see Danny Garcia. They’re going to see blood, sweat and tears, they’re going to see power and excitement.

“Someone is going to get hurt and it isn’t going to be me.

“The last mandatory I knew I had was Lucas Matthysse, as far as the rankings though, I don’t really pay attention to that.

“I always have something to prove. Either I’m fighting someone who I’m not supposed to beat and no one believes in me, or I’m fighting someone I’m supposed to beat and if they fight well I can’t win anyway.

“No matter how I win, I believe August 9is going to be a great show. Brooklyn has a great atmosphere for fights.

“Both Salka and Herrera move a little bit, they’re about the same height so there are some similarities. I was focused last time but I made a lot of mistakes. I’m not making any mistakes this time, you’re going to see Danny Garcia on my A-game.

“We’re more focused as a team this camp and more disciplined. We’re doing everything right. There’s a lot of chemistry, I’ve sparred over 100 rounds already and we’re prepared.

“When I fought Salka last I had just come back from U.S. championships, and I had faced so many fighters, the main thing I remember is that I won. The only other thing I remember is being aggressive and trying to walk him down.

“My dad is fired up, he’s been classic Angel Garcia. He was more quiet last fight, but he’s back now. I’m calling August 9 “The Purge” because team Garcia is going to purge the Barclays Center.

ANGEL GARCIA, Danny’s Father and Trainer

“Of course we’ll bring the belts to the fight, have to bring the hardware. I wasn’t disappointed about it not being a title fight, there’s nothing we can do. Everybody has a job, I’m here to train Danny and he’s here to fight.

“I don’t really watch tape. That’s old thinking. I watched the fight just to get the doubt about the last fight out of my head but that’s just from the media. They made it seem like Herrera destroyed Danny but I didn’t see it like that.

“What happens when you get all this negativity in the media about a performance, the next person you’re going to fight feels the consequences. Salka is in a predicament right now. He’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“To me, Salka is going to come 100 percent, fighting an undefeated guy. He’s going to want to get that reputation, but I’m not worried about him. I’m worried about Danny and I know he’s going to be ready.

“We’re ready for anybody, when Danny goes up to 147 he’s going to take them all down too. I don’t care who the killers are, I don’t care who’s the pretty guy, I don’t care about none of them. When we come to 147 we’re dominating.


Garcia vs. Salka, a 10-round welterweight bout on Saturday, August 9, is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona and AT&T. In the co-main event, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Dibella Entertainment, IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion Lamont Peterson puts his title on the line against Edgar Santana in a 12-round championship bout. Opening the telecast, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Greg Cohen Promotions, Brooklyn’s own Daniel Jacobs takes on Jarrod Fletcher for the vacant WBA Middleweight World Title. The event will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, will air live on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/PT) and will be available in Spanish via secondary audio programming (SAP).

Tickets priced at $250, $125, $75, $50 and $25, plus applicable taxes and service charges are on sale now and are available for purchase at www.barclayscenter.com, www.ticketmaster.com, all Ticketmaster locations, by calling 800-745-3000 and at the American Express Box Office. For group tickets, please call 800-GROUP-BK.



-Skibbz :

I always go for the knockout. I need a knockout. I haven’t had one since Morales back in Brooklyn so I’m definitely going for it.
He's been placed in a de facto bout.. He doesn't need a stoppage, a stoppage will come. After Herrera made him look lousy and blew up the gaping holes in Garcia's game for all to see, Haymon wants his fighter to look good and that's what will happen. [QUOTE]We’re ready for anybody, when Danny goes up to 147 he’s going to take them all down too. I don’t care who the killers are, I don’t care who’s the pretty guy, I don’t care about none of them. When we come to 147 we’re dominating.[/QUOTE] Someone stick a sock in his mouth and a pole up where the sun doesn't shine because he's talking like a man deluded beyond the point of return. His sanity must surely be questioned now, that after a horrible showing against M H (no discredit to the fighting Maestro), he's now facing somebody with an arsenal of a weak 1-2 and ear muffs and Angel claims that his son will go on and topple everyone at 147. Both Broner and Garcia should be made to fight each other, a loser leaves boxing and winner starts paying his dues against legitimate opponents. Again I've said it but I will repeat it. It's no shame if you're the champ, and you take 3-4 non title bouts in the year to keep sharp against opponents in and around the top 40-50, and then hold one or two title bouts against legitimate opponents. But when you're fighting twice a year and charging your fans extortionate prices, how can you justify fights like Garcia vs Salka with belts on the line?

-amayseng :

No Danny you need a credible opponent especially after the gift decision in your last fight. In all honesty you are coming off a LOSS and it truly shows by the matchmaking your team knows you lost as well

-The Commish :

Come on, Skibbz. Tell us how you really feel about Angel & Danny. Angel is a rip. Truly, the guy makes us laugh. You never know what's gonna' comeout of his mouth. Can you picture Danny Garcia v Robert Guerrero? That fight would also match up the two most obnoxious, loud-mouthed, love-to-hear-themselves-talk father/trainers in the biz. If you think Angel is out of control now, just just picture what it would be like if their son's were ever matched up. You'd have a decent fight between them, with an added attraction of the "Battle of the Blowhards." -Randy G.