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Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale took part in trash-talk free Thursday conference call to hype their July 26 clash, which will unfold at Madison Square Garden, and be shown on HBO.

Golovkin's promoter Tom Loeffler, Geale's promoter Gary Shaw, and Golovkin's trainer AbelSanchez also too part in the call, as did Geale trainer Graham Shaw.

Loeffler took the reins from PR man Bernie Bahrmasel, and said he is psyched for the card, which also features a Mike Perez-Bryant Jennings undercard topper. He then tossed it to Shaw, who said that Shaw is an “underrated” trainer, and that Sanchez does a “great job.” Shaw said Golovkin (29-0 with 26 KOs) is a “great champion” and that they respect his power. Geale (30-2 with 16 KOs), he said, has always wanted to fight Golovkin, and it was put off because they couldn't in the past lock down PPV in Australia.

Geale spoke up after Shaw, and said he is excited to fight on such a big show, in MSG. Sanchez offered introductory remarks, and said that Golovkin won't be rusty, even though he's been off since February, a long layoff for him. Then, Golovkin spoke. GGG spoke up, thanked the usual suspects–no, not Al Haymon, lol–and said that he respects Geale, and thinks it won't be an easy fight for him.

I lauded Geale for wanting this fight, and asked what he saw in GGG that made him want to fight him. He said he wants the titles, and that the only one way to do that is to fight the best and brightest. Geale, by the way, won the IBF middle title from Sebastien Sylvester in 2009, and dropped it to Darren Barker (SD12) in 2013.

Golovkin was asked what it is about Geale that impresses him. He said that Geale is a great fighter, and that he watched his last fight, against Garth Wood (in February, RTD6 win), and he came away impressed. And is Geale his toughest test, from a style standpoint? Yes, he said, without much amplification.

And does he think big foes have avoided him? “I don't think much about this,” he said, but yes, he hears that it can be tough to snag dates with top fighters.

Geale was asked about a 2001 face-off, in the amateurs, between him and Golovkin. No, he didn't hit the deck in that one, but doesn't recall much about the scrap, and said both are better now. He said he's been in big fights, on big stages, before, and been the underdog, and that will help him on July 26. Geale was asked about decision losses to Barker, and Anthony Mundine. The decisions were debatable, and he said they pushed him to train harder and achieve more. “It motivated me to train harder….There's always going to be bad decisions in boxing” but you can't let that get you down, he said. Geale said his defense is usually good and that he aims to not give GGG a good target on July 26.

Asked about the Barker loss, he said it was annoying, being that he put Barker down, but he shrugged it off, and got back to the gym.

He was asked how he's prepared mentally. He said he's preparing for the toughest fight of his life. He had a fight set with Matthew Macklin, which was scrapped because Mike Perez hurt his shoulder, which forced the card it was to appear on to be cancelled. This is a nice replacement, he said.

Sanchez was asked about ranking Golovkin behind Sugar Ray Robinson and Bernard Hopkins at 160, and said to keep that ranking down the line, the boxer needs to secure the marquee fights. Sanchez said he wants GGG to dominate a guy like Geale, who has won titles, and been 12. The trainer said Gennady stayed composed, like a Marvin Hagler, after Curtis Stevens annoyed him on social media.

Sanchez was asked about Golovkin's training over the years, and his level of desire. The trainer said it's good that the boxer goes home and forgets about boxing, and that keeps him hungry. “As long as he separates the two I think he's going to be hard to deal with,” he said.

Sanchez said he knows Geale is a volume puncher, who is in great shape.

Loeffler said he isn't looking past Geale, but that Miguel Cotto would be at the top of the list next for Gennady if he wins. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is also in the mix, and unifying at 160 is also a desire. Cotto (WBC), Sam Soliman (IBF) and Peter Quillin (WBO) are other belt-holders.

Also, Loeffler said GGG would move up, or down, for a compelling PPV fight.

Loeffler said that ticket sales are tracking well, and capacity will be about 11,000, with seats open in the lower bowl, and suites.

There ya go, fight fans. Respect all around in this promotion. Hey, could Geale pull off a stunner? Talk to me, in our Forum…


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