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I thought it interesting that Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya was NOT present for the hype kickoff for the Sept. 13 Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana rematch today in NYC.

Word was that Oscar was on a family vacay, long ago planned. Hmm. OK, I try not to be a cynic, despite being in the business and hell, in life, long enough for that to be difficult.

Eric Gomez, GBP matchmaker, was the face of GBP at the NYC presser, for the record. Probably best, because doubtless Oscar would not have been overjoyed to hear Floyd say, when asked how his relationship is with Golden Boy Promotions, in this Tha Boxing Voice video, “It's all about Mayweather Promotions. There's only one guy that I know, and his name is Richard Schaefer, and he's done a helluva job with that company. Richard Schaefer built that company from the ground up. Day in and day out, working with those fighters, it's safe to say, I like to call it “Richard Schaefer's Promotions.”


Fighting words, I venture to say. But where in the world is Oscar, to have his say, offer a counter, if he wishes. pre-planned vacay, my friends…

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