Kovalev Conference Calls Features Confident Krusher

Sergey Kovalev spoke on a Monday conference call to speak on his Aug. 2 scrap in AC, and on HBO, against Aussie Blake Caparello.

Kovalev provided the highlight of the call when he said, after being asked if he gunned for KOs, “I fight to kill anybody.” And he then chuckled…

He also said Caparello has an edge, a hunger edge, being the man without a crown.

He was joined by Main Events’ boss Kathy Duva, and Caparello’s promoter, Lou DiBella.

The Russian Kovalev was asked about Bernard Hopkins’ recent statement that he wants to meet Kovalev, ASAP. Does it distract him? Trainer John David Jackson took the question for him. No, he said, because they didn’t even really talk much about that. “They hope we’re looking past him, but we’re looking right at (Caparello),” he said. Then Kovalev took the question. No, he said, he doesn’t even know who Hopkins is. Duva interjected, and said that Hopkins calls people out all the time and fights don’t get made. She implied that the Hopkins call-out, which said all Kovalev has to do is send a signed contract to him, is bunk, because she thinks Hopkins wouldn’t do a fight on HBO, as he’s been aligned with Golden Boy, which is barred from HBO.

Duva said she is impressed by Kovalevs’ ability to adapt to different foes, and also loves the intensity he brings to the ring. She said that she loves Krushers’ attitude, and Blake’s attitude. She says she thinks it stinks that so many fighters just concentrate on staying unbeaten.

DiBella called Kovalev maybe the most dangerous man in the whole sport, and said his last foe, Cedric Agnew showed that movement can prove a bit difficult for Krusher. He said that Blake needs to be mobile, but also score winning blows.

DiBella said that his kid could at the least earn a bunch of respect even if he merely hangs in there. He cited Chris Algieri as someone who earned the respect of boxing fans, and thinks respect for the man will grow, win or lose.

DiBella said that he knew Caparello wanted a fight with Kovalev, and that even though he had not much amateur experience, he had much natural talent.

The NY promoter was asked why he gets his fighters fights with everyone. He said that doesn’t happen all that often because some are more interested in power struggles and political struggles and being (jerks) than making deals. He hopes TV stands up to the promoters, and demands the best product, moving forward, he said.

DiBella recalled that the current landscape was similar to the late 90s, with Don King just selling to Showtime, and said that things are cyclical, so we can expect the state of the game to shift, at some point.

DiBella said that he thinks fans are starting to get very darned sick of shelling out for PPVs, and that shouldn’t continue, not if we want the sport to grow. Dibella said that he heard that Main Events was talking to Robert Berridge, who was beaten by Caparello. Lou said that Berridge is a come forward type, maybe easier for Kovalev..and that is to his credit, that he wants the stiffest tests.

Jackson said that Blake is a “decent fighter” with “decent power,” and if he runs, that could be a minor annoyance. Also, his guy doesn’t have a problem with lefties. No, however, he doesn’t seem that worried about Blake. If he tries to be brave, though, it could be an early night for him. He said in today’s boxing world, you can’t dance your way to a win, so it may be that Blake does do more trading than some think he might.

The trainer said he knows Kovalev isn’t looking past Cap, and that he wants to break the underdog down systematically, and then get a snazzy KO. Then, he said, it’s on to bigger and better things.

The trainer said Kovalev treats it as a job, an ultra pro. And might he move to cruiserweight at some point? Yes indeed, he can see that down the line at some point.

Caparello said that he does indeed think that Team Kovalev is looking past him, to Hopkins, but he’s fully confident of getting the W, and will soon be asking his promoter to make a unification fight. He also said he watched the main event this past Saturday, and believes that Erislandy Lara did indeed run too much. He should have punched more, in addition to moving so much, the underdog said. Oh, and he does possess the “pop to hurt people,” he said.

He didn’t take this bout because the offer popped up, no, he said, he’s wanted to meet and beat the best. “He’s the man I want to beat,” he said. He was asked about the flaws he might exploit, and said, “I can’t give away my gameplan.”

Caparello said he can only know how hard Kovalev punches when he gets in that ring. He will be ready with different strategies and adapt according to what he sees and feels against Kovalev.



-Bernie Campbell :

Get his behind in there with Hopkins or Ward!

-The Commish :

Both would be terrific fights, Bernie. The problem is, Ward is still sorting out his squabbles with promoter Dan Goossen, and B-Hop is tied with Al Haymon. Kovalev is with Main Events. Kovalev told me he'd love to face either one of the guys you mentioned. Now, if only those promoters would do what is right for boxing and give us the matches we want to see! -Randy G.

-Carmine Cas :

I'd much rather Kovalev-Hopkins and Kovalev-Ward than Stevenson. Unless Kovalev and Stevenson agree to fight.