Garcias’ WBC, WBA Titles NOT Up For Grabs Vs. Salka

Teddy Atlas’ rants are legendary. Many folks, I dare say, will tune in to an ESPN “Friday Night Fights” card even if they don’t thick much of the slate, just in case Teddy fires up one of his classics, on soft commissions, or inept judges or sanctioning body silliness.

The analyst hit hard on the decision by the WBA and WBC to sanction 140 pound champ Danny Garcias’ Aug. 9 bout in Brooklyn against 135 pounder Rod Salka, and went off on that issue. Whether or not his strafe job had an impact, I can’t say. But Atlas on tonight’s show said that the WBC and the WBA aren’t okaying Salka as a title foe. Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza took to Twitter, and went at Atlas, Tweeting, “Relax Teddy. Garcia-Salka was always considered non-title. Your pre-rehearsed rant a couple weeks ago had zero to do with it.”

I asked WBC boxing boss Mauricio Sulaiman for a bit of clarity. He responded: “That is correct. Garcia vs. Salka will be a non-title bout. Salka is not rated at superlightweight in the WBC and has never fought at that weight. Our champion is entitled to a voluntary defense and this time opted to do a non title bout. He will make his mandatory defense after this fight.”

There ya go, friends. Friday Night Fights, out of the ring, on Twitter…