Danny Jacobs, “Most Likeable Boxer”

If the Boxing Writer’s Association of America added a “Most Likeable Boxer” award to their year end slate, I’m telling you right now I think Danny Jacobs.

I’ve never seen the kid—and I use that term willfully, because he always wears a vibe of youthful exuberance–with even a hint of a frown on his face. And watch how darn…likeably, lol… he answers my question, which is fairly pointed, and touches on how the Aug. 9 card Jacobs will be fighting on has been slammed my media and fans alike.


Watch how Jacobs (age 27; lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn; 27-1 with 24 KOs) finishes my sentence for me, as I try to phrase my query in direct but polite fashion. I simply like the way he traffics in reality, but does so with a hint of positivity. He is, frankly, something of a role model for me in that realm.

And Jacobs gets extra points for not BSing. “I’m not sure if (Jarrod Fletcher, a 30-year-old old Aussie with an 18-1 (10 KOs) record) is the real deal, I haven’t really followed his career. I’ve seen some of his fights, and he seems to be a pretty decent opponent.”

The WBA world middleweight title, now vacant, will be up for grabs, with “The Miracle Man,” formerly known as “The Golden Child” butting gloves and heads with the Aussie nicknamed “Left Jab.”

By the way, if we’re talking awards, by the way, I do think “Left Jab” might win for “Least Fearsome Nickname.”

Anyway, talk to me, Forum crew. Will Jacobs-Fletcher turn out to be a decent rumble, and help change pre-made minds on this Aug. 9 card? If Jacobs wins this crown, who would you like to see him fight next? And what other nicknames could merit consideration for “Least Fearsome Nickname?” Weigh in!

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-oubobcat :

Danny Jacobs has one of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard. In addition, he has the reputation as being very personable and likable. He is someone that I admit I am pulling for each time he steps in the ring. Because of what he went through, his comeback is being moved relatively cautiously. Its absolutely the right way to do it though. He is taking a step up this time around against Fletcher. Its not a huge step but its a progression and the right fight at this point for Jacobs. Can Fletcher test Jacobs? Fletcher does have a good amateur background and a decent record as a pro. He can fight some and frankly his career is riding on this fight so he knows he is in a must win situation. That said, Fletcher's wins as a pro were not against the best competition and the one time he did step up was blasted out in two rounds. Fletcher comes to fight and maybe has some moments early. But I see Jacobs winning and winning by spectacular knockout.

-The Commish :

I had Danny Jacobs on my SiriusXM show last week. For the 15 minutes he was on, he lit up the airwaves. As Michael Woods said, there wasn't a hint of a frown on his face. Even though my show is on radio, you could "see" Jacobs smiling and enjoying himself. When I asked him about the August 9 card at Barclay's, telling him I thought it lacked quality and depth, Jacobs didn't get angry and didn't argue. He could have. Many others in his shoes would have. "I hear what you're saying," replied Jacobs. "I've been hearing that a lot. Nobody really knows anything about my opponent (Jarrod Fletcher) and nobody really knows anything about the guy Danny Garcia is fighting (Rod Salka)." Then he joked and said, "I don't even know much about the guy I am fighting. I have to sit down and watch some video on him." He then added, "But I do know he's called 'Left Jab.' That nickname alone should tell us something!" Then I asked him a question which I have been waiting to hear him answer, regarding a topic many of you have posted about: Danny Jacobs v Peter Quillin. "I keep hearing that a fight between you and 'Kid Chocolate' is being thrown around," I said. "Number one, is that true, and number two, how can you guys fight? Aren't you guys best friends?" He replied with a smile on his face. I could tell he was smiling and so could the listeners. "It is true that talks of me and Peter fighting at Barclay's have taken place," Jacobs told us. Then he added, "Nothing has been finalized or signed. As far as us being best friends, that is not true. We know each other from the neighborhood and from being boxers who come from Brooklyn. I respect him and I think I can say that he respects me. If a fight is ever made between the two of us, I can say, without any reservation, that we'd both take it. No problem. May they best man win." I could tell he was smiling when he said that. For most of this training camp, Jacobs has been using former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes' gym in Easton, PA. For the past few weeks, Jacobs, who has been sparring wirth another Brooklyn banger, Curtis Stevens, has worked behind closed doors. No visitors. Well, there has been one visitor: Larry Holmes. "Why the former champ and nobody else?" Jacobs was asked. "Because Larry owns the town!" said Jacobs. He wasn't just smiling. He was laughing. -Randy G. -Randy G.