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Is there a rematch clause? Or no?

I've heard yes, I've heard no since right after Chris Algieri decisioned RuslanProvodnikov on Saturday, June 14 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and on HBO.

You can excuse the confusion…Heck, the two main promoters, Provodnikov guy Arthur Pelullo and Algieri helmer Joe DeGuardia, admitted vagueness on the status of a sequel at the postfight presser. They looked at each other, and both expressed a haziness on the subject when asked what the contracts for the bout called for in regards to a rematch.

I checked in with Vadim Kornilov, manager for The Siberian Rocky, and asked him, point-blank, if there is a rematch clause for another Algieri-Provodnikov bout.

“There is a rematch clause,” Kornilov told me.

Now, whether or not Provodnikov and company want to exercise that is maybe another matter entirely. You might recall Provodnikov made it publicly clear that an Algieri style isn't his favorite type to fight in the leadup to the fight. He announced that he was hoping that the Long Islander wouldn't make it a track meet, and said that all things being equal, he'd prefer to fight someone who sees the sport more so as “fighting” than as “boxing.”

“Yes, it is definitely a bad fit stylistically,” Kornilov said. “But I think Ruslan has a good chance of knocking him out.”

If I am Team Provodnikov, it goes without saying, I am weighing all options. Even if I am able to make an immediate rematch, do I want one? Am I likely to perform better in a sequel? Or would we be likely to see more of the same from the New York boxer, who in fact might be that much more difficult to handle in a re-do, because his confidence as a champion has ticked up X percent? Could Provodnikov, following an intense Freddie Roach drilling-session of a camp, do better at cutting off the ring, forcing Algieri to go where he doesn't want to go, do what he doesn't want to do…or is what we saw what we'd get the second time around? Anyways, clauses are built to be broken, many times. You don't think something could be figured out to make all parties happy if a Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri fight we fashioned?

Readers, weigh in, play manager here. If you are Kornilov, do you pursue a Provodnikov-Algieri rematch..or let that sleeping dog lay, and go after a fight which makes better stylistic sense for your boxer?


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