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Rhode Islander Demetrius Andrade defended his 154 pound title against Brit Brian Rose at Barclays on Saturday. A straight left put Rose down in the first, as a jab blinded Rose and the left behind it buzzed him bad. He scored another knockdown in the third, and then finished the challenger off in round seven.

Ref Mike Griffin saw enough at 1:19, as Rose was eating too much, and his faculties were compromised. His corner knows how he reacts and they didn't care for it.

Not sure how the win places Andrade. He shows flashes of likeable stuff, but perhaps leaves you wanting to see it on display more often. Rose was clearly put off by the hand speed of the victor, and had no answers.

Rose after said he couldn't keep up with Andrade and thinks he might be one of the best in the game today. “I just couldn't keep him off me,” he said, noting he earned his right to be here.

Andrade went 149-452 to 30-179 for the loser.

In the second, Rose stared a bunch, surprised by the hand speed. A long jab and a snappy right behind it from the New Englander were hard to handle. In the third, Rose went down again, off a right hook. A wide hook, high on the head, discombobulated the Brit. In the fourth, Andrade dipped, and slipped some, and had a less energized round. Rose wasn't yet able to latch on to a strategy which could work for him.

In the fifth, he got busier while Rose threw the odd counter right. The Brit wanted to take advantage of a drifting rear hand. In the sixth, Andrade made the crowd a tad restless because he too often waited and searched for the right angle. He did rip off a flurry to cap the round, one which Rose had no positive input. Some fighting broke out in the seventh, and a slice formed on the Rose nose. The Rose corner started up the steps, the ref saw it, and stepped in.


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