UPDATED MONDAY: Blue Collar Brawler Monaghan Gets UD10 Over Muriqi

UPDATE MONDAY MORNING: TSS checked in with Monaghan, and he told us good news…the docs say he’s good to go for sparring in just six weeks.


Sean Monaghan, your quintessential lunchpail sort, a blue-collar brawler from nearby Long Island, took on Elvir Muriqi in a light heavy tussle at Barclays on Saturday night.

He had lots of luck early, using his work rate and compact firing to take rounds and get Muriqi into a danger zone. Cuts formed on both of his eyes late, but Seanie stayed composed and made it to the cards, where the judges gave him the good news: 99-90, 98-91, 99-90.

Muriqi earned bonus points and all of his check for hanging in and not folding, while Monaghan tucks a respectable win into his pocket, and earned himself some time off to let the skin heal on his eye. Stitches are in his near future…

Hours after the fight, I checked in with Seanie, via DM. Fun night on the island, I guessed, with wins from Monaghan and Algieri, right?

“It was fun till the ninth round,  I got crushed with a nasty headbutt when I had him on the ropes,  and I got a broken orbital bone and I need a ton of stitches,” the boxer reported.

The 24-0 Seanie started jabbing in the first against the 40-7 vet from Kosovo. He went low and high, and Muriqi, who had to drop 1.8 pounds after failing on the scale Friday, didn’t look pleased. Muriqi collected himself, and Seanie didn’t care, going back to throwing one-twos.

In the second, Muriqi didn’t look drained, as he had a sweat going, and waved Seanie forward when the LI guy landed some power. Sean did nice compact work; he has tightened up a lot in the last couple years.

In the third, SM had nothing but good luck. With his guard high and tight he launched crisp and compact blows. His body work was impressive and at one point Muriqi ate on the ropes and the ref stepped to look closer. SM’s uppercuts were nasty, as well.

In the fourth, SM edged forward, playing the grinder, but Muriqi was here to earn it. He pumped jabs and lopper rights, and even snuck in his own left hook to the body. A counter right dropped Muriqi at the bell, though. After Elvir missed a right, Seanie dipped and dropped his own to score the extra point.

In the fifth, Muriqi ate a lot. Monaghan piled up combos, backed him up, used both hands and did damage. The docs looked hard at him after the round. In the sixth, Seanie kept up the work rate and damned if Elvir didn’t fold. Kosovo tough, that kid.

In the seventh, Muriqi hung tough and was advancing late in the round. Seanie took a bit of a breather then came on hard to end it to take the round.

In the eighth, Seanie’s left eye was swollen but he kept banging. Tight shots, down the middle, and a right hand caught Muriqi flush late. The Kosovarian stuck out his tongue, bless his spirit. In the ninth, Seanie was cut on his right eye and his left, but those appeared after he’d been strafing Elvir.

In the tenth, both cuts sprung a leak right away. He jabbed to keep Muriqi at bay, but Muriqi was emboldened. He saw and smelled blood. Muriqi won the round but we’d go to the cards…

Top Rank matchmaker Brad Goodman told me he liked the win and was impressed by Monaghans’ skills and toughness. His cuts could earn him about five months on the shelf, and a shot at Juergen Braehmer could be in the cards then.