Hardy Gets W in Hard Battle With Trivilino

Heather Hardy met Jackie Trivilino in the first female bout at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night, in a 122 bout set for 8 or less, and from second one, Trivilino had hardy backing up.

Trivilino came out fast and furious and barely took a break to gulp air during breaks. Hardy’s right eye swelled early and then she developed a cut on her scalp in the seventh, so severe that the docs called for a halt, due to a headbutt in round two. The judges saw it 67-66 (Trivilino, Glenn Feldman), 67-66 (Hardy, Waleska Roldan) and 68-65 (Hardy, Anthony Paolillo), and the crowd let it rip with boos. They thought Trivilino’s volume should have earned her a W.

In the first, Trivilino came out banging, looking to back Hardy up. She was busy and had Hardy on her heels. The Brooklyner, hailing from Gerritsen Beach, adjusted midway through.

In the second, we saw swelling over Hardy’s right eye. She danced some but Trivilino, coming from upstate Plattsburgh, was pesky and accurate. In the third, Trivilino kept on advancing, staying in Hardy’s face, throwing tons of shots. The ref asked the doc to look hard at Hardy’s eye as the fourth started. The ref had the doc look at that troubled eye, now bleeding, during a lull, and then action continued. Trivilino, with compact punches, some body work and a crazy work-rate, was having fun.

In the fifth, Hardy landed a few of her hard left hooks. She had luck moving smartly, landing her hooks and moving away from the buzzsaw Trivilino in the round. In the sixth, Trivilino showed some fatigue so Hardy maybe snagged it. In the seventh, Trivilino’s volume stood out, while Hardy’s power was a tad better. A cut on Hardy’s hairline was worked on during the break. The ref called for a halt right before the eighth was set to start.

We went to the cards…

After, Hardy said she wanted to continue but she thought maybe the amount of blood swayed the docs.

She rose to 10-0 with 2 Kos, while Trivilino dropped to 9-8-3.

Fedor Papazov of Russia clashed with Miguel Angel Mendoza from Mexico in a clash of 136 pounders.

Papa scored a knockdown to start the third, and then the ref let it continue. But a doc hopped on the apron, and waved his hands to stop the scrap, at 36 seconds elapsed.

Papa, nicknamed “Mr Knockout,” goes to 15-1, with 10 stops. he feinted a jab and dropped a right to the chin which sent the losers’ neurons colliding spastically. Mendoza is now 21-4-2.