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Segio Martinez

It is Monday, and wounds, mostly to the psyche, are being attended to by Team Sergio.

The boxer is back in Spain, wrestling with the fight on Saturday night which saw him get discombobulated, and probably concussed by a shot to the side of the head in round one.

“Sergio was dizzy after the first round and the following nine rounds were fought totally on heart,” said Team Martinez' Nathan Lewkowicz.

So, will he fight again?

Too early to say, said Lewkowicz on Monday afternoon. He could foresee, though, a fight in Argentina, an adieu fight, one more for the road.

He is set financially, having hooked up his family with houses from his purse from beating Kelly Pavlik…so squandered funds wouldn't be something to force a return. The fighter is invested in mutual funds, and draws an allowance, and isn't a Floyd sort collecting autos and the like.

I have seen, bopping around the Internets, some folks saying they thought they were sold a bill of goods, that promoters over-sold Sergio's physical condition entering the bout. Not so, said Lewkowicz. “You saw him at the open workout, Mike, he was moving perfectly.”

Yes, I must state for the record I didn't get the feeling before or after that anyone in the Sergio camp was thinking their guy was shot, and took this Cotto scrap as a cashout. His legs felt good going in, I am told, for real, and all truly expected him to get the better of the Puerto Rican.

I told Lewkowicz that some people are using the “s” word, saying the 39 1/2 year old is shot. He doesn't think so, and reiterated that “Maravilla” got dizzied in round one, and that messed him up for the duration.

Now, do I think Martinez' reflexes have dimmed…that being knocked down seven times in his last four times suggests something…yes.

He likely peaked in 2010, and now, at 39, his chin wiring is more suspect. He can't slip shots like he used to, and his hard drive gets funky from shots that he used to eat and digest.

Martinez has a warrior heart, and if the man wants to do a farewell in fight, then I say go for it. Do I want to see him in with anyone possessing more than a 20% KO ratio? No. But if he takes some down time in Spain, and decides his warrior heart needs closure with just one more, then I say he deserves that gold watch.

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