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Stubborn man, that Bob Arum. Mostly in a good way, from a business perspective.

I spoke to the Brooklyn born dealmaker at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, and he told me he isn't giving up on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and is not assuming by any means that Junior wants out, wants to jump to a ship where he thinks the captain could get him more gold.

Arum thought he offered Junior a sweet deal and big money for a couple fights, and then just a bout against Gennady Golovkin. Junior and advisor Billy King didn't agree. But Arum is still pecking away.

A Golovkin bout isn't in the mix now, but, he said the fans would love a face off between the son of the Mexican legend and Brit Carl Froch. “If I can get Junior to meet with me, with his father, I am sure I can work out a deal. Froch wants to fight Chavez, there is no reason we cannot put it together for September or October.”

Arum called this Billy King “Mr Buttinsky,” and dismissed him as someone who doesn't manage anybody, as being out only for himself.

“Why won't Junior listen to his father, who has been thru this?” Arum is hopeful, why says, that Junior may be seeing the light. Arum said if Junior would prefer to meet Golovkin before Froch, he is open to that route.

Readers, what direction do you believe Junior heads next?


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