De La Hoya Releases Statement

Oscar De La Hoya, uncharacterically quiet following the exit of ex friend Richard Schaefer from his Golden Boy Promotions, put out a statement, a mini statement really, on Wednesday. This release comes out two full days after Schaefer hit the eject button.

Here is the release:

Los Angeles, (June 4) – Golden Boy Promotions is moving ahead on all fronts. We look forward to continuing and expanding our key position in the boxing world and to providing the public with the very best the sport has to offer.



-The Commish :

Not a lot of words there, but it says a lot. Apparently, and according to Oscar, GBP "is moving ahead on all fronts." Do you think he's already found a replacement CEO? Hopefully, I'll be able to find out something from him in Canastota. -Randy G.

-brownsugar :

Positive reinforcement is the only message GB wants to communicate at a time such as this. Del LAHoya was quite a competitor in his glory days... I would expect nothing less than a display of confidence and a fighting spirit from a competent CEO.

-StormCentre :

Oscar will need all he can find and get, to get through this. It's one of the worse things that can happen to him and one of the worst times of his life; just when unexpected large amounts of pressure can have a serious impact on a lot of work he has recently done. And as it all has happened many people - people he does business with and has helped - have come out of the woodwork and shown their true colors. I hope it all works out for him, as at the end of the day he still is a great ambassador for the sport, was an excellent boxer, and is a pretty nice guy. Although I don't know if there is a genuine reason why, and will reserve my ultimate judgment on it until I do; I would have liked to see Bernard act a little more loyal than his recent announcements suggest and indicate.

-Skibbz :

I strongly disagree Stormcentre, it is only one of the worst things that can happen to him if he allows it to be. If you do not give up, if you do not break down and you keep your head up looking for your next move then you will sidestep a lot of $@"! and will continue to expand his key position in the world of boxing as he put it himself. He's got contacts all around the world, he's got a solid stable of fighters and personal fan base. He's got an olive branch from Mr Arum firmly extended in his direction. Things are looking up for boxing and for Goldenboy. I firmly believe that Oscar will continue to succeed and he will not be defeated. As I think Deepwater said, he hired a CEO once, he can do it again. People jump ship all the time in business it never spells the end, merely a new and exciting chapter full of opportunity.