Sergio Martinez’ Return To Argentina As Hero Captured by HBO

HBO had cameras on hand to document Sergio Martinez’ last fight, which took place on April 27, 2103. The results, boiled down, took the form of “2 Days,” an examination of the two days prior to Maravillas’ UD12 win over Brit Martin Murray, in his native Argentina.

On the day before the bout, Sergio said, “I needed to go to another country to win world titles and be recognized.” He was fighting in Argentina since turning pro in 1997, and then moved to Spain when Argentina’s economy tumbled. In 2007, he fought in the US, where he slowly but ever so surely built himself into a name star.

“The emotion that I feel is immense,” the hitter said, in Spanish, looking forward to scrapping as the returning hero in front of 40,000 countrymen.

We see the fighter and his crew three hours before the Friday weigh-in. He does some stationary bike, and then shadow boxes some before the weigh-in, his trainer says.

On the day of the fight, we see that the weather is playing dirty. Rain is falling, yet more than 50,000 come to the stadium to see the event. The moisture ceases enough for the fight to commence. The agile and balletic hitter takes the early rounds, and the rain now pelts down, and thunder exploded as the bout moved into the eighth. A straight right sent Sergio down,in round eight, but he kept his head, and made it to the final bell, where the judges rewarded him. He won a UD, as fireworks exploded. “I will have it in my heart the rest of my life,” said Martinez, in closing.

Martinez fights Miguel Cotto, at Madison Square Garden, on a mat that won’t be covered in rain, on June 7.

Check out this “2 Days,” on BoxingChannel.TV.