Yuri Foreman Retires, Referring To Contract Beef, Promoter Responds

Ex 154 champ Yuri Foreman took to social media to air out a managerial situation. On Facebook on Monday afternoon, the Brooklyn resident in fact announced his retirement, effective immediately, stemming from a dispute with an unnamed business cohort.

He mentioned “a very harmful contract” which he said he tried to get out of. That not being possible, he said he would hang up the gloves.

The statement, naturally, had many in the fight game wondering if Foreman was referring to his promoter, Lou DiBella. Team Dibella issued a release not long after Foreman's Facebook announcement. Here it is:



New York, NY (5/19/14) – “Yuri Foreman has been training hard for his fight on June 7th against Jorge Melendez. At this moment, there is a dispute within Yuri's team that does not involve DiBella Entertainment. Yuri has worked very hard on his comeback to get to an opportunity like this. Lou DiBella and DBE have a great working and personal relationship with Yuri. We are awaiting a phone call and hope to see him fight on June 7th at MSG. This will be resolved very shortly.”


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-The Commish :

I had a feeling this would be happening. I must do some checking into this. I'll have more on this subject later. -Randy G.

-deepwater2 :

Personally I don't like Yuri. He screwed over the Russian trainer Mike at Gleasons. You should hear the stories Mike has about Yuri.

-brownsugar :

This is only a formality. Yuri has unofficially been done for quite some time. I wish him the best.

-The Commish :

Before he launched his comeback, I had met with Yuri at a restaurant in NYC. My discusssion with his was about me becoming his manager. I believe I could have moved kept him very active and moved him up in the ratings within a year. I waqs not under the opinion that Yuri was finished. In fact, I thought he was far from finished. In the fight against Miguel Cotto, he injured his knee so badly that he needed surgery two days later. In his next fight, against Pawel Wolak, Yuri went into the fight fresh off the death of one of hios closest friends and truly did not want to go through with the bout. Had I been his manager, I would have called the fight off. Wolak mauled him, sending him into his first retirement. Then, he began speaking to businessmen and boxing insiders about managing him. I was one of them. Following the lunch, it seemed as if we would wind up as a team. I called a few promoters around the country. I was sure, that within a year from signing him, I could get Yuri at least 10 "confidence builders" before landing him on TV against a top contender. Then, he stopped responding to my texts. I knew immediately what was going on. I knew immediately he didn't have it in him to tell me he was going elsewhere. I wish he had. He would not have broken my heart. I actually felt from the beginning this is what he would do. It was a move I predicted and a move I would have tried to talk him out of. He signed with a New York businessman who played the Hebrew card with him. "Do it for our people," or something to that effect. Yuri bit into it, hook, line and sinker. Gulp. He signed. Of course, now, a year later, the two boxing lovebirds are headed to divorce court. Yuri wants out. I don't know how his manager feels, other than he has probably laid out money and says the only way he'll let Yuri out of his contract is if Yuri pays him back. I am guessing it's a pretty hefty sum Yuri would need to get out of his contract. While I don't know the particulars of where he signed, what he signed or what the papers he signed stated, they were/are enough to keep him legally tied to his new manager for the forseeable future. Being the kind of fighter who needs to be totally focused, I can imagine that Yuri's concentration has been greatly thrown off by the battle with his manager. With no resolution in sight, Yuri has retired. All I can do is wish him the best of everything. -Randy G.