Frank Galarza Boxes Smart and Sharply on “ShoBox” Opener

Frank Galaraza, one of the most improved pros I’ve seen in the last couple years, showed another level entirely of boxing skill from where he was two years ago, in the ShoBox TV opener, against Sebastien Bouchard on Friday night.

Galaraza, moving the whole night, mixing in every sort of strike, took a UD8, by scores of 77-74, 77-74, 78-73,  at Foxwoods Casino in CT.

Galaraza, age 28, boxed smartly in the first, pumped the jab, went low and high, shot lead rights…he looked darn sharp in this battle of 154 pounders.

In the second, Galaraza backed up, but stayed busy. Both hands looked heavy and Bouchard gestured that Frank went low, but no, it was a body blow. In the third, G kept on doing great work off the back foot. The combos were placed smartly by the Brooklyner, and the Canadian somewhat plodded after him, a step behind. He threw and missed wildly a few times, signaling that he wasn’t in a good rhythm.

In the fourth, Frank’s movement again stood out. He seemed so patient, kept the distance he wanted, used his height advantage…it was all Frank through four. A right high on the head landed but the BK guy hurled power, and then dipped out of range. Right hands to the body marked up Bouchard. In the fifth, Galaraza (now 14-0) likely stole the round with late body work. Bouchard wasn’t budging but what could he do to truly turn the tide? In the sixth and seventh, Galaraza kept up his smart gameplan. He looked fresh and strong, while Bouchard (now 8-1) kept a high guard and never went down, but needed to show a strong beard every round. In the final round, a point was taken from Galarza, for straying low. He wanted a KO, but no deal for Notorious. We went to the cards.

Frank went 232-650 to 109-392 for the loser.



-oubobcat :

I was very impressed with the performance by Galarza. He looked great knocking out Thompson a few months ago and many insiders thought he was just a big puncher. He showed some polished boxing skills in beating a very solid opponent in Bouchard. I really liked the jab and consistent body work done by Galarza. He is definitely more than a one trick pony in the ring. He can punch but also has begun to establish some solid skills. If he were just a puncher, he would not have been able to get past Bouchard. Its important that he and his management realize where he is at at this stage of his career. He has a very limited amateur background and is literally learning on the job. He needs to stay busy and patient. There is no need to rush his career at this time as there is still quite a bit of fine tuning to do. As long as his career is properly managed, I think Galarza can become a very good television fighter who may one day be able to make some serious noise at Junior Middleweight/Middleweight. With Dibella behind him, I am very confident that he will be managed well and we will be seeing a lot more of Galarza down the line.