Golovkin Coming to LA This Week To Start Training For Foe TBD

Gennady Golovkin, the Bieber-faced bomber, is due to arrive in Los Angeles this week, and will begin training for a July fight, likely on July 19, against opponent TBD.

Ole TBD could be Daniel Geale, whose May 24 scrap against Matthew Macklin was blown up when the headline bout for that date, a Mike Perez-Bryant Jennings tussle, was cancelled. That’s because Perez hurt his left shoulder in training.

“We don’t have an opponent confirmed yet,” Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler, of K2, told me. “We hope to have that confirmed this week.”

The date will be either July 19 or July 26, the site TBD, and HBO will air the faceoff, he said.

“Geale is in the mix,” he continued. “He would make sense, he’s a former champion, but nothing is confirmed. We’ve made him offers before which he hasn’t accepted.”

I asked Geale’s promoter, Gary Shaw, if a Golovkin-Geale fight will occur.  “I don’t know, as with all fights, there are always some blocks, but I am trying to make the fight,” Shaw said.  “The dumbest thing I read is Matthew Macklin talking about a conspiracy. I lose serious money with the fight coming down, maybe he wants to cover my losses?”
Shaw is referring to a disappointed Macklin pointing out that the explosion of the GGG-Chavez fight had a domino effect, to his eye, with his fight against Geale also blowing up right after. He found that…fishy.

Now, on the subject of offers not accepted…it looked like a Triple G-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fight would be crafted for July 19, but Junior turned up his nose at that tangle. Why? He didn’t care for a deal structure which would have tied him to promoter Top Rank for longer, I guess, than he’s comfortable with. The money promoter Bob Arum was guaranteeing him seems like a more than healthy amount to me, but I’m not in the negotiating rooms. Loeffler, ever so mild in manner, didn’t take the bait when I asked if perhaps Chavez was ducking a Golovkin bout. Loeffler said he doesn’t like it when others weigh in on negotiations he’s involved in when they are working with limited info, so he wouldn’t go there…but he did say that he thinks Golovkin made purse and weight and site concessions that should have made it easier for Junior to sign off on the bout.

“It seemed to make sense for both sides,” he said, ever so mildly. “I guess if he thought it would be an easy fight he would have taken the guaranteed money.”

Golovkin has been helping his mom, back in the Kazakhstan, deal with the death of her husband and his father. Loeffler said the boxer is one of the strongest people he’s ever met, in dealing with adversity, so he’s confident the fighters’ head is screwed on tight.

Loeffler said he aims to keep the momentum, in regards to ratings–GGG took part in the third highest rated boxing show in 2013–and popularity, in the US and overseas, chugging along.

As for Perez, results on an MRI come back tomorrow (Tuesday), so Loeffler will know more about resetting his squareoff vs. Jennings then. “With Stiverne’s win over Arreola, the Perez-Jennings fight is crucial, as it determines another mandatory (for the WBC belt-holder),” the promoter stated.



-El Dude :

Fe Fi "Foe" fum, who to face the wrath of the 3-headed Monster. 3ple-G is the Foe of Foes and has no Foe for being the #1 Foe. El Dude is a fan of this humble Foe, Genady Golovkin who is to be the world's greatest pounder. GGG vs Marco Antonio Rubio is the fight that I call forth but Peter Quillin and Felix Sturm are both champions who have been waiting their turn to slay this 3-headed monster. Let the bell ring and who ever it may be, GGG will make them bleed. El Dude Promotions.

-brownsugar :

Now that you mention it EL Dude.....GGG is arriving just in time for the premier of Godzilla 2014 opening on May 19th.... Where the franchise revists the monsters' radiation spewing, larger than life persona........None of that "heavy breath" stuff used in the asexual adaptation from the 90's. The movie producers would do well to substitute GGG's frightful face in place of the imposing Kiju if they want to invoke real terror amongst theatre goers and middleweight champions alike. GGG has the middleweights talking big on camera but scampering for ways to minimize and avoid his impact on the boxing world off camera. Unfortunately there's nowhere left to hide... The Beast Walks Among Us. For the forseeable future no middleweights will ever be safe again.

-brownsugar :

After GGG destroys Geale...I wonder how many unbelievers will remain?

-Grimm :

After GGG destroys Geale...I wonder how many unbelievers will remain?
He'll always have his skeptics, B-sug. No matter if he invaded Planet Mars and tore it apart with a double left hook (body-head), no way would they give an Alfred E. Neumann look-a-like his props. And yeah, he will destroy Geale - without breaking too much sweat.

-Skibbz :

After GGG destroys Geale...I wonder how many unbelievers will remain?
Made me chuckle good. Just watched him vs Adama again.. It was a no contest from the first bell. Those Kazakhs in the casino looked like they emptied a few vodka bottles

-brownsugar :

Like the Alfred E Newman reference..Skibbz .......I'm not surprised Chavez stepped off. I don't believe it was ALL about the money and TR detention clause.

-amayseng :

After GGG destroys Geale...I wonder how many unbelievers will remain?
Bsug just don't forget my friend, you and I have been driving and riding shotgun in this GGG bandwagon from the very beginning.. People still continue to doubt GGG as we have remained faithful for the long haul.

-brownsugar :

Amayseng even if the ride gets a little bumpy I'm in for the duration.. Lol..