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Ladies and gents, some of you, I dare say many of you, possess old school values.

That's not a bad thing.

Oftentimes, it can be a good thing, as societies have a tendency to “progress,” in many realms, towards a place that is oftentimes less pure, more diluted, more polluted.

It can be argued that the media, and our coverage of news, is one of those areas where the movement of time hasn't brought an attendent improvement. Our press too often deals in the trivial, the sensational, the idiotic…instead of focusing on substantive topics, and seeking to inform the public guided by a baseline quest to improve the world, in our own small fashion, we feed the more beastly and baser inctincts of ourselves.

If it bleeds, it leads.

If it features negativity, nastiness, nudity, then splash it on the cover, and watch your hit count explode. While our brains atrophy, from not being fed, and not taking in nutritionally sound material.

I believe that by and large, we feed you nutritionally sound material on TSS. Sure, we offer up a Big Mac and fries now and again, but we don't exist to satisfy a publishers' desire to be a hit factory, without care for standards or practices or the willfull disregard of a vocation which is, as I look all around me, being sacrificed on the altar of the worship of profit over people, and principals. The same can be said for our sister site, The Boxing Channel. Some of you reading this know that, but I'd like to push more of you, gently but firmly, to that site, and encourage you to make it part of your regular rotation of sites to visit on a multiple-times-a-day basis.

Check out this intro message from the esteemed Al Bernstein, the site overseer, and allow him to further explain why you should be logging on to TBC, frequently.



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