Attention, fight fans in and around the Los Angeles area. Two events open to the public are taking place, on Tuesday and Friday, centered around the much-anticipated Bermane Stiverne-Chris Arreola clash this Saturday, May 10, at the USC Galen Center.

Check 'em out, and Tweet 'em out, give us a report from the scene when you arrive!

Tuesday, May 6

Public Media Workouts
USC Galen Center–Men's Basketball Practice Court
3400 S. Figueroa St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90089
(Enter via Stairs at Figueroa and McCarthy)
2:30pm–Chris Arreola
3:30pm–Bermane Stiverne

Friday, May 9
Official Public Weigh-In
Radisson Hotel Los Angeles at USC
3540 S. Figueroa St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90089

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-El Dude :

I title this fight The Revenge of The Clashing Titans. The winner between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne has a lot in stake being that the winner may get to face the # 1 Heavy-weight monster of the ring. I see Arreola getting his turn to face the wrath of Klitschko but realistically that's as good as I see it getting for either Bermane or Arreola besides getting TKOd. The first tank battle went all the way with blood and sweat while the commands to reinforcement are on its way. I am much interested in this fight for I see it ending with a Nuclear KO of a night. El Dude ready for WAR.

-brownsugar :

El Dude...another epic and apocalyptic post... Tanks, nuclear warfare... I'm diggin it man. Will Arreola make Stiverne chew on the grapes of wrath? Will Chris force Bermane to dine on the poisoness revenge laden dish best served cold? Or will Chris walk into another face Shattering power punch? A determined Areola is a dangerous Areola. But I'm betting on the fact that Stiverne is in possession of too many innate boxing skills. Areola fights the kind of fight that brings out the best in Stiverne. Similar to the first fight I expect Stiverne to have two or three options for every single move Areola makes. Stiverne becomes a 20% better boxer just by being in the same room with Areola. Another example of the "styles make fights" principal.

-Radam G :

First, the greatest condolences to the fam and dearest loves ones of -- former WBA heavyweight king Jimmy Ellis -- the greatest known sparringmate in the history of pugilism. Big James died yesterday. I'm riding with Cris. I believe that he will kayo B-Ware Stiverne this time around. B-Ware will not be able to halt the raging, roaring, rumbling Cali Crusher from putting it to him. Chris is slim and mean. And he is going to crush B-Ware like a jelly bean. Holla!