Khan Downs Collazo In Rugged Rumble

Amir Khan took on Luis Collazo in a 147 pound scrap in the main support bout before Mayweather-Maidana at the MGM on Saturday, and it is clear that Khan brough his hand speed, and power, and maybe a smarter boxing style with him.

He moved the whole night, and didn’t get into a tradefest often with the crafty Brooklyner, who went down three times, and complained bitterly time and again about Khans’ octopus arms. The judges spoke, and awarded it to Khan, via scores of 117-106, 119-104, 119-104.

Collazo was felled in the fourth and twice in the tenth, and was frustrated in the later rounds as it was clear Khan would grab and hold in tight, where he needed to be to land a sneaky power shot. Khan’s movement was noticeable in this bout, as he used his feet, and his brain, to good effect. He probably used his arms to grapple a bit much, as well, though. The iffy chin chatter will die down some, I think.

To Jim Gray, Khan said he was tactically smart. Collazo is very awkward, he said. He liked having a lengthy layoff, and then said he thinks this win will help him get a Floyd fight.

In the first, Lu was busy, but Khan’s hand speed edge was obvious. The Brit landed a couple decent rights, in a tight round.

In the second, a combo landed on Lu, with a right hand stinging. A left hand stung Lu, sent him back, and then he went righty, for a change of pace. Lu landed a right hand to the body that told Khan he wasn’t folding.

In the third, the hand speed was in Khan’s favor. He had Collazo following, and his movement was smart, and consistent.

In the fourth, Collazo went down, off a counter, as he waded in. A right hand counter on the chin dropped him. Lu’s aggression won the rest of the round, though. The fight was getting chippier, too.In the fifth, Lu kept on stalking the Brit, who was using his legs to great effect.

In the sixth, Collazo did his grind you down thing. He wanted Khan gasping for air in those deep waters late. In the seventh, he used a crossed guard for the second straight round some. He was ducking and slipping better the last few rounds, to avoid the counter right. Khan kept holding when he needed too, irking Lu. A cut on the right eye formed on the Brit, and they barked and locked eyes as the round ended.

In the eighth, Vic Drak took a point from Lu for going low, second straight round. Vic took a point from Amir for holding. This not long after Khan got buzzed, off a one-two. Was the game changing?

In the ninth, Amir had a better round, because he took it to Lu, didn’t let the Brooklyner dictate pace.

In the 10th, a left put Lu down. He went down again, while complaining about being held behind the neck. The first knock came off a left, the second off a left after a right. Lefts to the body hurt Lu some, as well.

In the 11th, Lu hated the holding, once again.

In the 12th, Lu went low and down went Khan. He went low as Lu had him in a headlock, one of a multitude. Drak gave the Brit a break. Lu looked for a home run but couldn’t find it. To the cards we went.



-The Commish :

Ya' gotta' give give Luis Collazo credit for a gutsy performance, but the fact is, he was schooled by Khan. It is unthinkable what $$$May would have done to him. Now, what's next for Khan? -Randy G.

-oubobcat :

Ya' gotta' give give Luis Collazo credit for a gutsy performance, but the fact is, he was schooled by Khan. It is unthinkable what $$$May would have done to him. Now, what's next for Khan? -Randy G.
Absolutely, very gutsy performance by Collazo. Khan's speed though was too much for him to overcome. Collazo gave it his all and showed tremendous heart. He can make for some very tough fights for many Welterweights. As for Khan, I think he is going to aim for Mayweather. We will see if he gets it or if Khan is even if Khan is able to go in September. If not, he may wait again and hope to get the fight next year.

-El Dude :

Khan's boxing abilities was the key to defeating Collazo. I had predicted Khan winning by TKO in the 9th but he took it and won it fair and square by decision. Luis Colllazo's KO power never really made it to the target which was a loss cause in search of a victory. Luis simply lacked the footwork which was not up to par with Khan's quick game. At least Khan wasn't robbed from his win like Marcos Maidana was vs Lucky Floyd. By El Dude.

-The Commish :

Amir Khan did indeed fight splendidly. He kept Luis Collazo off-balance all night night with his superior footwork and hand speed. Collazo looked to be dead tired in the last two rounds, and fought with his back to the ropes and hands down for much of the time. He later said he wasn't tired, but that's b.s. He was certainly defeated mentally, and knew he wasn't going to land one of his bombs, so he tried to get Khan to walk into him on the ropes, where he could catch him with a power shot. The problem for Collazo is that his arms were so tired hecould barely lift them. Collazo is a good, solid fighter. He will never be a champion, even with all the belts available. But he will win more than he loses and come up with his share of exciting victories. But to his legion of devoted fans, it is what it is. Be proud you root for a warrior such as him. -Randy G.

-flackoguapo :

I give it to Collazo for switching up game plans fairly early after realizing he was not going to be able to outbox Khan. He first tried to get inside with a high guard and just hammer left hooks to the body along with other heavy punches. He then tried to get Khan come to in by dropping his hands and trying to land big counters and was switching stances quite a bit. Khan was way more accurate, dropped combinations and had timely clinching. It was a bit too much cinching for me but that's just the way the styles meshed.

-oubobcat :

This fight played out exactly how I thought. I admire Collazo a lot. He is a tough fighter with a ton of heart who never tries to stop winning. But he just could not match Khan's speed and athletic ability. And he does not possess the big punch that could have changed the course of the fight. Khan basically did what he had to do to win. He was solid and executed the game plan. Yes he did clinch a lot but was allowed to get away with it. And if the referee allows it, well then why not keep doing it if its working. I wouldn't mind seeing Khan fight someone like Robert Guerrero. I sense though Khan will hold out for a Mayweather fight or some other big fight and take on lesser opponents until he gets that payday he so desires.

-brownsugar :

Khan beat Collazo so thoroughly it should have been stopped after 8 rounds due to "technical superiority".... He's Baaaa..aaack!

-Carmine Cas :

Not going to lie, I was impressed with Khan. He appeared much more discipline and composed. The true test will come against a bigger puncher or much sharper puncher. Like Paulie said he knows how to win rounds with that quick pesky style. A fight would Floyd be intriguing at this point.

-oubobcat :

I still want to see Khan get a win against a top 10 Welterweight before getting Mayweather. Since he lost to Peterson and Garcia, he has beaten Carlos Molina, Julio Diaz and Luis Collazo. These are solid fighters but nobody who would have been considered top 10 when Khan faced them. Robert Guerrero has inked a deal with Al Haymon and presumably looking to get back in the ring. I think a matchup with Khan makes a lot of sense. It would be a big fight for both and the winner is positioned for even bigger opportunities at Welterweight. Khan has stated that for religious purposes he will not be available for September. That is the next time Mayweather is schedule to enter the ring assuming he doesn't change his mind. So that takes Khan out of the Mayweather sweepstakes this time around. However, Khan would be very wise not to sit around this time. If he fights Guerrero in November and wins (a winnable fight for him), he puts himself in position for a major opportunity down the line. If Mayweather is then successful in his September fight, then Khan becomes the odds on favorite for that fight next May.