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Mayweather Lite Adrien Broner took on Carlos “Not That”  Molina in the second PPV bout before Floyd Mayweather gloved up against Marcos Maidana on Saturday night at the MGM.

Broner was solid after a slow start, in control, but the showing wasn't a barn-burner, wasn't leaving the fans saying, “I must see him again.” Maybe a name foe next time will help his up his game. As it was, he took a UD10, via scores of 99-91, 98-92, 100-90.

He called it a “sparring match on TV,” and the crowd booed, understandable if you ponied up big money for the PPV.  He swore, and Jim Gray asked for class and dignity. Gray wondered if the weight is the right one for him. They're all good, he said. AB said he wants Pacquiao at some point, and the silence spoke volumes. People aren't caring as much. He's come quite far from being in contention as the next PPV driver, I'm afraid.

A 140 pound crown was up for grabs.

In the first, the fighter from Cali ate jabs, and hooks. He tried to bring it at the end of the round, to steal it, but he didn't.In the second, the flashy, blingy, love to hate him persona Broner, was too busy and slick for Molina. An overhand right, then another, off a combo platter,  by Molina jazzed the crowd, but he mocked it.

In the third, Broner hit Molina low. He was warned. Molina showed, maybe, better hand speed and ability to put together a combo than some might've figured.

In the fourth, Broner decided to up his out put, edge closer, be nastier. It worked.

In the fifth, uppercuts worked for Broner; everything did, really, as his volume overwhelmed the massive underdog.

In the sixth, Molina got more active. But Broner has the bigger pack of tools and he took another round.

In the seventh, Molina was hanging in there, striking at the end of the round he lost, and the two barked after the bell.

In the eighth, Broner scored and then moved, as Molina looked to track him down. Molina didn't succeed enough to take the round.

In the ninth, AB pressed forward, after a round of retreating. It worked.

In the tenth, Broner outlanded the loser by a fair margin, yet again. Molina landed some shots late, but we went to the cards, after a middling scrap.

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