Judges Say J’Leon Love Beats Periban

J’Leon Love took on Marco Periban, in a 168 pound faceoff, to start the Showtime PPV show.

In a bout which started slow, but picked up immensely midway through, before slowing down again,a UD10 went to Love, via scores of 95-93, 97-92, 96-93.

There were copious boos at the MGM Arena, as Peri threw a ton more, landed about the same and hurt Love big-time, almost to the point of stoppage in the fifth.

Peri came forward in the first, stalked, while Love moved laterally, popped a jab, outboxed him. The tall Mexican was put off by some feints, and his face was red from jabs by the end of one.

In the second, the pace was steady, the action unremarkable. The nose was bothering Peri in the second and third, and in the third, Peri landed some power shots. Love grabbed, and the crowd hooted.

Some counters worked for Love, but he was moving and watching too much. In the fourth, Love came out more focused to offend. But that jab bothered him, and he didn’t seem to have settled on a smart adaptation.

Peri’s hard flurries in the fifth excited the crowd. The ref hopped in to stop it, then backed off, when Love was out of it. Love was down, his butt on the ropes, and Jay Nady shoved Peri back, and he tripped. Peri was irked that it looked like Nady was there to half, then seemed to change his mind.

Peri hopped on Love, and hammered him, in round six, but then got countered by a left hook. Peri looked almost done, blood on the left eye, as he danced to avoid eating.

In round seven, would Love keep on aggressing? Somewhat, with rights to the body, but Peri got some energy back, with a second wind.

In the eighth, it was even-ish, with Peri popping a jab, moving, and Love answering, without the urgency you’d like to see. Blood poured from Peri’s nose in the ninth, yet he showed heart by keeping on stalking, cracking hooks. Love waits too much, then throws one. In the tenth, you wanted to know who wanted it more. Love was busier man, I thought, and may have taken the tenth. We went to the cards.



-El Dude :

I came so close on the J'Leon Love prediction. Marco Antonio Periban didn't utilize his size advantage properly and held back on his superior body attack while tempting to fight at a distance as if to pick Love out. Love was more precise and that led to his success. The fight was close and the decision was fair. Love squeezed through to win the fight. by El Dude.

-oubobcat :

I hope fans tuned in early to see this bout. It was a tremendous fight and what heart from Love to come back from being practically out on his feet. After he was hurt and knocked down in the 5th, came on strong in the 2nd half of the fight to pull it out. I had it 95-94 for Love. I will say I thought when Love was being battered on the ropes that Nady was coming in to stop the fight. He seemed to change his mind for some reason and let the fight go on. Love has skills and showed that he has what it takes to dig deep down in a bad situation and pull things together. This is the kind of fight that can boost his confidence and that he can learn a lot from. Is he ready for a shot at a belt holder (Bika)? Probably not next but could be very soon. As for Periban, this is three fights in a row that was involved in razor thin decisions. His style makes for entertaining fights. He will still be very relevant at Super Middleweight and get more opportunities. Periban could also move to Light Heavyweight where Al Haymon has suddenly signed some fighters and get an opportunity there (maybe Chad Dawson?).

-The Commish :

This was one heck of a fight. While so many of us are talking about a $$$May v Marcos Maidana rematch, Love v Periban is another fight which should have a Part II. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It truly lived up to its pre-fight hype. Let's play it again! -Randy G.

-brownsugar :

Awesome show....not a single dull moment on any card... And its rare to get my moneys worth on Ppv. Love could have been retired in the fifth but Nady gave him another chance. Love bounced back and worked his butt off ....as not to embarrass his Boss(Money May) again . if he can continue to develop he will become a force to Deal with in the near future.